Download accelerators

  Mannanan 15:09 22 Jun 2003

Does anyone have any experience of these? I've come across two (Propel and Proxycon) which both charge around $7 or so per month to give "near broadband speed" from a dial-up modem connection. They work by routing your access via their broadband servers then compressing data for transmission to the user. Although primarily USA based, both companies confirm their services work equally well in "the rest of the world" (which, to the surprise of some Americans, does exist!)

This is part of the blurb of one of them (I've removed the name to save any accusation of advertising!)

? xxxx is a service you run in conjunction with your regular Internet Service Provider. Because you keep your ISP for Internet access, that means you can keep your current email address, plus any other benefits your ISP may offer.
? It sets up in just 5 minutes. Unlike, say, Cable, there's no special equipment to install, no installer visit, none of the usual broadband hassles. Just sign up and click "Install."
? It optimizes your Windows Internet settings for maximum performance on your particular computer. Automatically.
? It enhances your privacy and security, making almost impossible to track you on the Web. It may even increase the stability of your browser!

It ends ..... Many people enjoy the benefits of xxxx's innovative Acceleration technology. It delivers near broadband speeds at a fraction of the broadband price!

Any comments would be appreciated, especially from any users.


  St.Anger 15:13 22 Jun 2003

"Near broadband speed"

Hmmmm, then why the need for broadband!

Me thinks not...

  S Walch 15:21 22 Jun 2003

lol - I doubt they'll be near BB speed.

I have BB - but I still use my Download accelerator - appropriatly name

Download Accelerator Plus ;)

get it free from click here

  Mannanan 15:57 22 Jun 2003

Hello S Walch

DAP is quite another program. I use it to. What I am talking about is speeding up the whole use of the internet ... not just downloading files/programs.

Do a Google on either of the two companies and you can see what I mean


  jazzypop 16:14 22 Jun 2003

What sort of files do you want to download, mainly?

If they are files such as .exe or .jpeg, forget it. These sort of files are already highly compressed. If you routinely download .bmp files, or .doc or .xls files (for example), these files compress very well. However, as these files compress easily, most sites will zip them before offering them for downloading.

If a file is not zipped, as a general rule, it is because compressing the file will not make it any smaller (in fact, it will sometimes make it larger).

The fact they they are claiming to offer 'broadband speed' (whatever that is) over 56K dialups, leaves the word 'snakeoil' ringing in my ears :)

Save your money.

  A Cat Called George 16:22 22 Jun 2003

Don't waste your money, the claims those companies are making are just plain rubbish.

  -pops- 16:25 22 Jun 2003

The only things these accelerate is the transfer of money into the bank accounts of the inventors/sellers of the software.

If download accelerators were any use the rights would have been bought up to prevent others using them or else everyone would be using them. Neither of those statements is true so I'd keep my money in my own bank account if I were you.


The money that you spend you would be better spending on buying Broadband (Unless you cant get it).

The best thing though, avoid it, waste of time and money.

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