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  Granddad Ray 09:21 27 Jun 2004

Following your very helpful advice I installed Spybot and I was very happy with the results. I later went on to install Download Accelorator as recommended by the magazine. Form my first use of Skybot after that install it reports the problems listed below which it cannot clean from my computer no matter how many times I reboot. Furthermore each time I boot up my computer the Dial Up Connection box appears. Do they represent a threat. If so how can I uninstall Download Accelorator?
I can find trace of either SpeedBit or DownloadAccelorator on my C Drive. Where is it? I would like to know so that I can identify the install date and use Go Back.

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  Belatucadrus 11:55 27 Jun 2004

Download accelerator is one of the cases where I disagree with PCAs recommendation, why ? Because it's Adware not freeware and funds itself with the targeted ad bar on the screen, this part of it is what Spybot is picking up.
Is it a threat ? probably not the information is supposedly put to 'respectable' use, but as it's spy ware it totally negates the point of putting Spybot on the PC, I wouldn't touch it with the proverbial barge pole. My preferences are click here Leechget or click here Download Express, both true freeware devoid of intrusive extras.
As to removing it I would first open the program and look at the settings, deactivating any update or monitoring options, then follow these instructions from the DA FAQ page click here

" To uninstall Download Accelerator Plus, either use the Uninstall utility under DAP's program group in the Start menu, or the Windows Control Panel "Add/Remove Programs" utility.

The change will take effect after you restart your browser. NOTE: Please make sure to exit Download Accelerator Plus before starting the uninstall operation."

If not try "My Uninstaller" click here

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