downlaoding emails from hotmail; is pegasus useful

  RWest 01:03 19 Jan 2008

Yes - I have a stack of emails all in hotmail, which I'd like to download and keep collected together. I used to use Pegasus and recently found it's still out there. Anyone know if I can log it into hotmail and collect up all my emails? Or alternatively suck them out of hotmail - preferably not one at a time as there are 400 ish

  tullie 01:09 19 Jan 2008

Why not just create a folder in hotmail and put t5hem there?

  DieSse 10:33 19 Jan 2008

Thunderbird (+ a couple of extensions) can download hotmail emails.

Thunderbird click here

Webmail add-on click here - you do the webmail add-on first, then the specific one for hotmail next.

All free - it's all I ever use for hotmail.

  RWest 20:08 20 Jan 2008


tullie - i just want to store them, so they can be read; and not risk them being lost by hotmail; afaik hotmail folders are still up and away there in hotmail's own ram

DieSse - Thanks very much indeed. I used to use pegasus, but in view of mozilla's generally agreed skills, thunderbird must be as good, presuambly. So thanks a lot for yr comments.

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