Down loading and viewing video

  Allan RISC OS user 12:41 06 Sep 2009

I like to watch Video from click here where you can see how to carry out various DIY projects.

The problem is that the down load is so slow that only between 3 or 5 seconds of video can be watched in one stream then the picture freezes and the down starts again then the video starts again for abut 5 seconds the streaming is not continueos. Whilst the video is playing the streaming stops.

BBC New Channel runs correctly without any breaks.

My BroadBand runs at about 1.5 to 2.5 Mbps.

I cannot find any contact details for this site so cannot report the slowness to them.

Do anyone out there experience the same problem with this or other sites.

The video I was looking at today is found at...
click here

May be you would like to try this and let me know how you get on!

  johndrew 12:45 06 Sep 2009

This could be due to current line loading. Is it like this continually or only at certain times/days?

  johndrew 12:46 06 Sep 2009

Should have said `line/server loading`.

  Allan RISC OS user 12:51 06 Sep 2009

I have tied this site only many occasions and it would appear to be the same.

Not sure I understand line/server loading, do you mean the sheer number of people down loading from the site?

  Allan RISC OS user 12:52 06 Sep 2009

it should read ..... on many occasions....

  Quiet Life 13:00 06 Sep 2009

No problems in playing this one and others on the site. Problem must be your end
My download speed 5mb

  johndrew 13:06 06 Sep 2009

`line/server loading`

Each `phone line is loaded with more than one user; could be up to 50 - this will cause slowing of signal traffic. Additionally the servers used by the site may be restricted with a high loading; again this may cause slow transfer.

But, as Quiet Life indicates, your own PC can slow things down as well. This would be a little strange (unless it is your security software on the subject site) as BBC is fine.

  Allan RISC OS user 16:01 06 Sep 2009

Hi Johndrew

thank you for you reply, yes, I do understand "contention".

quietlife does not appear to be having any problems with that site, have you tried the site?

I have just tried it again but still the same, then I left it playing and used another tab to access BBC News Channel and this was running correctly, it did take a little longer to buffer but other wise no problem.

I may have to just forget the site unless I really need a DIY tip.

  Allan RISC OS user 16:01 06 Sep 2009

I am using Firefox.

  Wak 20:59 06 Sep 2009

Hi, I think this may help you to view the videos.
1. Download the Video Download Toolbar from click here then install.
2. Open your favourite web site.
3. Right click Internet Explorer Menu bar and click on the Download Toolbar entry to open it.
4. Click the toolbar so that AUTO in ON.
5. Start required video.
6. Click DOWNLOAD button in Toolbar.
7. Leave until fully downloaded.
8. Click Play button and the video should be played in full in REAL player or some other video program you may have.
9. The video will also be stored on your computer for playing whenever you wish.

I've just downloaded the video about the non-slip mat and it works/plays just fine.

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