Down Grading From XP to 98

  mehmet 08:56 21 Jul 2004

I have a P4 2.8GHz with 80Gig HD and 512MB DDR Memory running Windows XP Home.

I'm not really happy with XP and I'm wondering if I should replace my OS with Win98SE.

My question is if I downgrade OS would I encounter any problems and is there any drawback to downgrading.

I also have an Athlon 1200 running Win 98SE which boots up faster than my P4 machine. Would changing the OS make my P4 faster.

Any thoughts?

  xania 09:19 21 Jul 2004

So far, I've resisted all thoughts of moving to XP and stuck with SE. My wife bullied me into getting her XP and frankly I not convinced. Although the NT engine is more robust, I don't think the inflated OS is worth it. I'm not surprised if you're suffering a speed drop, although, with 512Mb of DDR, you should be OK. That apart, so long as you are still using FAT or FAT32 rather that NTFS, it should be a doddle. Whether you'd get any speed improvement is questionnable. Why don't you try running a dual OS system and run some comparisons - remember that you'll need to reinstall all your software into the second partition.

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