doubtful query

  Baslla321 13:29 18 Sep 2004

Not sure if this is allowed but it has been troubling me for the last few days. After putting Power Off cos I was away for two weeks, my VCR Panasonic FJ-610 cant give me the Menu on the TV display to enable me to manually insert the date & time.I just get two letters 'EC' under the letters VCR. Does anyone know what they mean? I have tried & tried & tried but no joy.I emailed the firm but has no reply yet.

  rawprawn 13:43 18 Sep 2004

click here I'm not sure but I think EC stands for Electronic Classroom, it looks as though you may have somehow altered the programming. Why don't you reinstall it completely. Bear in mind I DO NOT know, it's just a guess.

  User-312386 13:46 18 Sep 2004

are you running a scart lead or going through the aerial?

have a look on the back of the VCR for the model number and then click here

  The Spires 13:48 18 Sep 2004

I think it's 'Enter Code. On some units you need to enter a code when it's been powered off for a while to prrevent the wicked ones pinching it and flogging it on the car boot. You should have a code that came with the unit to enter.

  User-312386 13:51 18 Sep 2004

Baslla321 is talking about a VCR and it is not computer related

We will try to help though Baslla321

  rawprawn 13:55 18 Sep 2004

I realise that, but if you look you will see that it shows you "Using the VCR for onscreen projection". But as I said I don't know so I wlli leave it to you guys.

  Baslla321 13:59 18 Sep 2004

Yes I have a SCART lead. All works well, that is playback, but I just cant get the MENU. When I press this Menu button it gives me these two EC letters and not the display with the menu.I need the menu to insert the date & time. I have given Panasonic EU the model number etc and hope to get a reply. As all works well except this, I was afraid to reprogramn it as I am a newbie in this field and might mess the whole thing up.Thanks for your prompt advice. Rgds

  Baslla321 14:05 18 Sep 2004

That would make sense but as the VCR accepts and does playback, then its not the code.

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