double wired home BB link - (?)

  jarani 19:54 01 Aug 2007

I have a desktop computer using winXP Home SP2 using ADSL Speedtouch to connect to the Orange BB - this is working OK

I have now bought a Toshiba Tecra A9 laptop using winXP professional which I would like to share the BB - not necessarily networking the two computers - just for the laptop to access BB at the same time as the desktop - help please

can I just use a spliter coming out of the ADSL - one wire going to the desktop, the other to the laptop, or do I need to set up a LAN ?

in due course I will set up a wireless LAN but this will take time - I am a LAN virgin - I need the laptop to access BB in the meantime and a wired connection might work as described - regards - jarbie

  Dipso 21:27 01 Aug 2007

A splitter won't work. You need to set up ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) click here and get yourself a crossover network cable. If you have a software firewall you would have to configure that too. It can be fiddly.

Bear in mind that you could get a cheap wireless router for not much more than the cost of the cable click here

  Dipso 21:34 01 Aug 2007

Should have added to the last sentence...from the likes of PC World.

  jarani 22:40 01 Aug 2007

Dipso - your links provide the information I need - I think - I will have a go tomorrow

I have a 3com wireless router which may be as quick to set up - perhaps I will try that first - both computers are wireless enabled

I thought wired may be simpler and quicker than wireless but I am not so sure now - many thanks for your information - kind regards - jarani

  Dipso 08:11 02 Aug 2007

If you have a router I would definitely try that before the rather complicated ICS procedure. You don't have to set up a wireless connection if the two machines are within easy reach of the router and coould just connect them both by cable. You also have the benefit that you don't have to have the "Host" machine on when the second PC wants to access the net as well as many other benefits.

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