Double toolbar in Windows XP

  [email protected]!nt 16:40 27 Jun 2004

How do you have more than one toolbar in Windows XP? I saw a screenshot where someone had one normal toolbar and another with icons in it? How do you put icons in a toolbar and adjust their size??

  ste_bla 16:49 27 Jun 2004

on toolbar right clik "unlock toolbar", use the resizing line to drag the quick launch icons below your normal whats open icons, sorry cant describe any better....

  THE TERMINATOR 16:53 27 Jun 2004

Are you talking about the toolbar or the taskbar?...TT

  THE TERMINATOR 17:06 27 Jun 2004

If it is the taskbar, right click on it and choose unlock the taskbar. You can then enlarge it by dragging the edge, you can make the quicklaunch toolbar bigger by dragging at the handles-looks like a perforated line. Or you can move it about to another edge of the screen by holding the mouse button and dragging it where you want. You can also drag the my computer icon to an edge of the screen, and it will give you another toolbar with your drives on it....TT

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