Double and single sided memory

  sharkfin 15:28 08 Sep 2005


I have 2 sticks of 256DDR PC2100 in my system and have ordered an extra 512DDR as I have a spare slot. I've just been reading my motherboard manual and it says slots 2 and 3 share the same rows so they must be the same. i.e single sided.

Well, crucial have said all their memory is double sided so the 512stick will go into slot 1 okay. I'm thinking of putting the other two 256MB sticks in slots 2 and 3 but they must be single sided.

I cant tell. Are their any physical differences that I can look for to determine if they are single or double sided?

I havent got the 512 delivered yet but I'm assuming that double sided will have modules running down both sides and single will have it running down one side, is this correct?

  keith-236785 19:08 08 Sep 2005

yes, you are correct, its as simple as that. if your existing memory is single sided, move them to slots 2 & 3 and put the new double sided 512mb in slot 1

if your existing memory is all double sided then i think you would have to lose a memory strip for it to work.

one last thing, if you are using windows98 then the memory might not work as win98 has an upper limit of 512mb total memory, putting more in can actually reduce performance. windows xp/2000/NT does not have this limitation.

good luck.

p.s. handle the memory by the edges, not on the chips, static electric can and probably will damage the memory.

  sharkfin 20:50 08 Sep 2005

Thankyou paperman27.

I had an inkling that it would be that easy to determine but I just couldnt find anything on the net to confirm this.

My current modules are single sided then as there are only modules running down one side. I'll put these in slots 2 and 3 then when the new RAM comes tomorrow.

I'm currently using windows XP and will be doing an animation course in uni this september and thought the extra 512 would be useful.

Thankyou again.

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