double sided printing

  stevedunham 20:25 10 Oct 2003

I use a laptop running win 2000 pro and print via an ageing HP690c deskjet. The problem is that with the drivers supplied as part of win 2000 I have lost the ability to print booklets with MS Publisher. HP's site just directs you to a page that tells you how to install a new printer and that there isn't an alternate driver. When I used my previous machine that ran Win 95 this was not a problem, since they gave me my new laptop I've lost a good portion of the printing options. I was wondering if the Win NT driver would work? or do any of you out there have any suggestions that don't involve a sledge hammer and a dustbin (very tempted tho after wasting a few hours trying to print work off), the IT budget is very small until next April.

  woodchip 20:38 10 Oct 2003

In Publisher you should be able to go to the menu and choose what typ of document you want to create if it's any good. I can do that in WordPerfect 2002 and the then print alternate pages. So I can turn them over. Any good word Processor should be able to do that

  Pesala 21:16 10 Oct 2003

Can you publish the booklet as PDF file from Publisher? Then print the PDF file with imposed pages on your HP printer?

  pj123 21:41 10 Oct 2003

Unfortunately, Bill Gates has decided that MS Publisher will only save files as .pub. But on the print menu there is an option to print all even numbered pages then put them back in the printer and print all odd numbered pages.

  palinka 22:05 10 Oct 2003

the thing to do is NOT to click on Print in the toolbar, but click on File>Print . That gives you the option to print whichever pages you want in any order.Use this to print all the odds thenturn them over and print evens on the back, as pj123 suggests.

  stevedunham 23:05 10 Oct 2003

Woodchip - done that as part of the doc setup, thanks anyway
Palinka - Pre Win 2000 I used to go file > print setup > advanced > Features and choose the settings I want. Now this has ceased to be an option, wont even allow odd / even pages only choice. I get the feeling the driver I have is only enough to run the printer with basic function and none of the advanced options I used to have
PDF is not an option, no software to create

  caast©? 23:27 10 Oct 2003

the printing of the pages automatically are done on my printer HP970cxi in reverse order (although it has an attachment to print double sided) odd/even. therefore when you turn the pages over page 1 will be the bottom sheet so page 2 should be last to print

  stevedunham 23:40 10 Oct 2003

Yes I can print current page and turn it over to do the next, but when you are printing a draft booklet of some 30 pages, you see the problem. Think it's creep time in the boss's office. ho hum

  Bagsey 08:36 11 Oct 2003

I suspect that whoever set up your laptop just used the generic driver that comes with windows. Have you tried to get the specific drivers for your printer. You may be lucky and get them from click here

  vinnyT 14:31 11 Oct 2003

Take a look at fineprint now in ver 5 at

click here

I used to use it with my inkjet (deskjet 690c, incidently) and found it excellent.

You can dload a trial to make sure it does what you need without risk. Hope this helps.

  R4 14:59 11 Oct 2003

When you print a document do you get a popup for the printer?

If so click properties:

select 'features' on the resulting (HP) popup

check 'book' on the 'two sided printing' section ... click OK

then print.... this will print all odd pages and then prompt for re load of these pages and continue... follow the instuctions for re loading the paper.

The pages will then get printed on both sides.

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