Double OS?

  Marko797 10:31 10 May 2007

I'm thinking of trying Vista on 1 of my hard drives (I have 2x 250 Gb HDDs), but want to keep XP on the other. Can anyone tell me in simple terms if this is possible?

Also, I would want to be able to boot from one of the 2 OS (XP or Vista) at will, thereby having a 'dual boot' system. Is this possible at all, and how would the computer know, and then ask me which system I wanted to boot from?

Would this cause any conflicts at all?

Hope this makes sense and would appreciate any input. Grateful if we could keep things as simple as possible as my 'techie' knowledge is somewhat limited. Thanks in advance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:51 10 May 2007
  Marko797 11:15 10 May 2007

That looks really useful Fruit Bat, thankyou. I'll go through it more thoroughly, as at 1st glance it looked like it was talking about using one HDD which was partitioned. Does the same principle apply in using 2 separate HDDs?

  Quiet Life 12:16 10 May 2007

You should have no problems in installing Vista on the second drive just point to that drive when you get to the window asking where you want to instal it. Everything is taken care of and you will have the option of what operating system you wish to boot when you start up.
Just load the Vista disk and get on with it.

  Marko797 12:41 10 May 2007

Thnx Quiet Life. I like the comment 'just get on with it', but we all have a tendency to be cautious with our precious PCs. Thnx again.

  avesnes 13:41 10 May 2007

As an extension to Marko797's query, is there a problem if the Vista disk is a free upgrade because the computer was purchased between Oct06 and Mar07 ? For instance, trying to upgrade XP that is not on the 2nd hard disk drive?

  dunc1234 18:40 10 May 2007

did this on my own system, i removed the xp hd and installed vista on the other to make sure it didn't balls it up. having said that it burnt out a harddrive when it crashed on restart, so don't leave it unattended. i also had to flash the bios to stop it crashing , and when i only built the system 6 months ago i was not too impressed.

anyway once done put the old xp drive back in, it will boot into vista as vista overrides the bios boot settings, however if your lucky, you will have on boot up an F key option to choose your boot device, mines F12. from there choose option harddrive and from there pick the one you want to boot from. if you reset the boot priority in the bios to the one you want to boot from as default it will remember that order. i have also added linux on a separate drive in this manner, hope thats of help.

  Marko797 10:28 14 May 2007

Thnx Dunc1234 & to all for the advice. I'll give this a go sometime this week.

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