Dos In Win XP

  Robotic_Rob 02:26 22 Dec 2005

Hey, How do i get into dos from Windows XP Pro? As i have a trojan horse and im guessing i will be able to delete the file in dos. As its not allowing me to delete it in Windows



  lotvic 03:20 22 Dec 2005

try here click here
(but I don't have the knowledge of how you would use it to get rid of a trojan)

  Sharpamatt 07:23 22 Dec 2005

trying to find this in Dos will I fear become a major task why not add a good virus checker and run a scan.

I use AVG myself but there are many more listed in Forums,

Dont forget if you find one and remove it you need to turn off system restore, ( loseing all saved points ), run your scan then turn on restore again

  mgmcc 07:57 22 Dec 2005

Windows XP doesn't use DOS so you cannot reboot to a DOS prompt as with Windows 9x.

You can boot to "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" from the Boot Menu (tap "F8" immediately after powering on) or, provided XP is installed in a FAT32 partition, boot with a Windows 98 "boot floppy". It won't be able to access an NTFS partition though.

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