DOS problem anyone?

  OlduserII 21:11 17 Nov 2004

I have an old Sony Notebook (PCG745) which I am trying to resuscitate. It died recently, losing the operating system (Win98) and leaving me with and the 'C' prompt. Im afraid I have long since forgotten how get into BIOS to change the read sequence so I can get an 'A'prompt and re-install DOS and eventually hopefully a D disc (CD ROM) for re-installing Windows.
Thanks anyone in advance.


  howard60 21:14 17 Nov 2004

you simply type a: and hit the enter key

  Dan the Confused 21:39 17 Nov 2004

To get into BIOS, the key you need to press is shown on the first screen you see when you bootup (DEL on mine). You can then change the bootup sequence to A first, C second or whatever you want. This will enable you to boot from your Win98 startup floppy.

  OlduserII 16:13 18 Nov 2004

Thanks all for your help. The 'a:' didnt help Im afraid as it doesnt seem know it has an 'a' drive. (Just went into a sulk with a blank screen until I typed in c:
The del key when loading got me to a screen which gave me three options - Floppy drie, CD-ROM or Hard disk. - Not really Bios proper. and couldnt do much with any of those options.
But, as I say thanks

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