Dos printing in Windows ME

  ian-inhome 22:02 30 Nov 2005

An old dos database program I use daily on Windows ME worked perfectly well with my old HP880c printer until the printer packed up. I have 3 different Lexmark printers and none will print from the program although they will print from none dos applications. I have tried the different dos help suggestions that come with the Lexmark discs without success. If I follow the ME troubleshooting guide and go to a command prompt and then type “copy con lpt1” “showcase” “Z “ then it prints every time until the machine is switched off. After that I have to go through the same routine again. I have tried and paid for dosprn over a year ago when I had the same problem because the printer that I purchased was usb only, this cured the problem. I have tried the new trial version and this will work with my other 2 printers but now as I have changed computer I would have to pay for the program to be reactivated again. Any ideas please even a way to make the command prompt line run automatically would do.

  woodchip 22:07 30 Nov 2005

try going to start settings printers right click on the printer to see if it as any dos print settings

  ian-inhome 22:15 30 Nov 2005

there are no settings there but if you print from another program on the now printing menu that appears you can choose to allow printing fom dos programs. This dosnt cure the problem.

  DieSse 22:49 30 Nov 2005

Make the command prompt into a batch file, and put the batch file in the startup folder - then it will run whenever you start the system up.

  ian-inhome 08:27 01 Dec 2005

Thanks for the reply DieSse. How do i do that?

  DieSse 11:16 01 Dec 2005

Nice tutorial here click here

  ian-inhome 18:17 01 Dec 2005

thank you for the advice DieSse.
I have tried various ways to get a batch file to run "copy con lpt1 showcase +Z " without sucess i must be doing something wrong

  DieSse 18:23 01 Dec 2005

Maybe I'm not really so sure what you're trying to do.

Can you explain the showcase and Z part of your DOS command please - what they are - do they change, etc

  ian-inhome 19:59 01 Dec 2005

Hi again DieSse. If i click on windows help and support and follow the printing troubleshooter I get a page that reads as follows
"Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, and then click MS-DOS Prompt.
At the command prompt, type:
copy con lpt1
If your printer is connected to the LPT1 port.

If your printer is connected to a port other than LPT1, replace "lpt1" with the correct port.
Press ENTER.
At the command prompt, type:
Press ENTER.
Press CTRL+Z, and then press ENTER.

If your printer prints a page with the text "showpage", the connection between your computer and printer is fine"
After I do that it prints a page that has showcase written on it. After that I can then go to my program and will print every thing that I need until the computer is turned off. When I turn the computer back on the next day it will not print from the dos program (it will print other things) until I go into command prompt and do the same again

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