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  prima12 07:18 28 Feb 2003

I have just bought my grandson an old game to play, but it installs via DOS, as I've only used Windows I'm not sure how to install it. Can somebody give me guidance please.

  Psiman 07:55 28 Feb 2003

It depends very much depends on what game it is. If its a simple game it may run in a DOS window under the windows operating system. However, if it's a complex game, it may require what we call a minimum amount of expanded memory and must run directly from DOS.

We need to now what version of windows you have and the name of the game.

Also look at the packaging for the game, or instruction manual. On a blue label it sometimes tells you that the game must have a minimum amount of a certain type of memory. Let us know if it has.

  prima12 13:19 28 Feb 2003

It's 'Worms 'and says W95/98 Dos mode only.
I'm running W98se

  Psiman 17:47 28 Feb 2003

Start Win98 as normal

Go to the start menu and select shut down

At the shut down menu select the "Restart in MS-Dos mode" radio button

When re-started you will see the DOS prompt, either C:\> or C:\WINDOWS> depending on your setup. Either way type "CD.."

Put Worms CD in the CD ROM drive

Next type "D:\" assuming that's the notation for your CD drive. You should now have the D:\> prompt.

Type "Install" which I think is the default for 'Worms' programmes. Installation should go ahead and instructions will be given as you go.

Once installed, you should be able to run it from a DOS window in 98se, by typing "worms"

Post back if you have a problem

  prima12 20:15 28 Feb 2003

Cheers for that, I'll give it a try over the weekend and let you know. P.

  prima12 16:02 01 Mar 2003

I tried the suggestion but it didn't work. I got C:\Windows and typed in CD, then directly under it I got C:\Windows again, I then typed in C:\Windows>E:\ and got 'invalid drive specification'. I tried this in both my drives, and swapping the drive letters around.

  Psiman 08:15 02 Mar 2003

At the 'C:\WINDOWS>' prompt you should then type "D:\" (return) to get the D drive prompt which shoud be your CD Rom drive. Once you have that, type "Install" and it should be OK.

Please feel free to e-mail me via the yellow envelope.

  prima12 19:40 04 Mar 2003

I seem to have come to a standstill with suggestions.Psiman suggested that I may need a boot disc, so that I can load the DOS drivers for my CD rewriter. I went to the site previous mentioned to Psiman, and found a list of DOS drivers downloadable to a disc, but,
1: Wouldn't these drivers have been loaded when I installed W98se from the disc?
2: What version of DOS would I need to download, if any, of the 4 listed, i.e. 5.0/6.0/6.2/6.22. 3: What do I do with the bootdisc when I have it?
I'm a real novice when it comes to computers, and know even less about MS-DOS.
The seven year old is getting upset that grandad can't sort it out.

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