molby5 11:49 22 Mar 2007

Hi there, I have downloaded some DOS drivers onto a CD (they are in a notepad format) - does anyone know how to get into DOS and how to install these drivers?


  silverous 11:54 22 Mar 2007

Doesn't sound right to me, can I ask what you are trying to do ?

  silverous 11:54 22 Mar 2007

Doesn't sound right to me, can I ask what you are trying to do ?

  molby5 12:02 22 Mar 2007

hey there, i am trying to install a driver so that i can use a USB gamepad with a DOS programme

the file i downloaded came with a notepad file (readme) and some sys files?

  silverous 12:16 22 Mar 2007

What does the readme file say to do? Do you have a link where I can read it?

  molby5 12:18 22 Mar 2007
  PalaeoBill 14:51 22 Mar 2007

(Sorry if I'm treading on your toes silverous).

I think that there are a couple of options for you:

You can boot your PC into DOS by creating a boot floppy.

click here

When you have the floppy made, copy the USB drivers to it and then edit (or create) a file named config.sys in the root.
The contents of A:\config.sys need to look something like this

DEVICE=DI1000DD.sys /H1

I am guessing you have a universal host controller interface. Follow your instructions to check in the device manager. If its an open host controller change the /M for /P in the USBASPI.sys line.

Of course having got it booted to DOS you will then need to load the game. You may not be able to get at your HDD but you could load the CD drivers and run the game from CD (or a USB stick..)

Your other option is to try loading the drivers in the command prompt of XP. To do this you would need to edit the file config.nt in your windows\system32 directory in a similar fashion to the config.sys above. I don't think it will work but you may want to give it a try.

Good Luck

  silverous 15:00 22 Mar 2007

Great answer PalaeoBill.

The other option is to run a dos emulator which will emulate Dos.

  woodchip 15:04 22 Mar 2007

IF you are on XP, there is no DOS

  PalaeoBill 18:02 22 Mar 2007


You can create an MS-DOS boot diskette from XP by following the info on the link that I gave. This will allow a PC to be booted into a real MS-DOS (version 8 ish) environment. It will not be able to access NTFS partitions though.

Within XP itself, there is a 16 bit emulator and a command prompt (generated by running that emulates DOS. You can edit the system32\config.nt file to load DOS device drivers into the emulation in the same way that you do with config.sys in real DOS, and many do work. I did point out to molby5 that I doubted the USB driver would work.

I have re-read my earlier post and I cannot see anywhere in it that I claimed there was DOS in XP.

  woodchip 22:21 22 Mar 2007

He does not need to do that, He can use a win98se Boot Flopy from click here

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