DOS 16? bit program running in win 7 64 bit

  Seadog 21:13 24 Oct 2010

I have an old Dos based database program with all the files etc., copied to CD, that I would like to install on my win 7 64 bit system.
Originally it was installed on win 3.1 (don't laugh too much) It runs ok on an Xp 32 bit system, but not on my Win 7 system.

To run it on Xp involved copying all the files to the C drive and then clicking on a batch file which opens the program.

I have tried this on my Win 7 PC, copying the files just to the C drive and also to the program files x86 folder without success. (I did edit the batch file to the correct path)

When following the above procedure, after clicking on the batch file, something happens briefly (flash of dos/command prompt screen and 'wait' icon) then nothing.

Is there any way I could get it to run on Win 7 64 bit? Maybe with another program that emulates the DOS system or whatever, any help appreciated.

  GaT7 21:19 24 Oct 2010

If you have Win7 Pro & above you can try running it in XP Mode click here.

If you have Win7 Home Premium, then try the free VirtualBox click here. G

  GaT7 21:36 24 Oct 2010

Additional related info you may find useful:

'Windows 7's XP Mode: what it is, how it works, who it's for' click here

'Run XP Mode on Windows 7 Machines Without Hardware Virtualization' click here

'Why am I receiving errors about hardware-assisted virtualization (HAV) when I try to use Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC?' click here


  Seadog 21:38 24 Oct 2010

Thanks for that, I am downloading Xp mode now, hopefully that will work.

  Seadog 23:00 24 Oct 2010

Installed Xp mode without problem but..., now I have to figure out how to solve the error "the video device failed to initialise for full screen mode" which is the same error I was getting trying to run the program in Win 7!!!

I have read up the Microsoft cause and resolution but as I am starting the program from a batch file and not a shortcut, their solution does not apply.
Need help from someone who knows about programming methinks! Or maybe I can edit the batch file, but there's nothing in it referring to full screen mode, anyone any ideas??

  I am Spartacus 00:59 25 Oct 2010

Create a shortcut to the batch file then edit the properties. You'll find you have a lot more options available.

  Seadog 18:59 25 Oct 2010

Thanks for that, I created a shortcut but no matter what settings I enter I either get "the video device failed to initialise for full screen mode" or the command prompt screen flashes up then disappears
Suspect that it's the actual program that maybe has something built into it that is causing the problem.
Anyone any more suggestions?

  I am Spartacus 20:03 25 Oct 2010

According to this click here you'll never get it to run on a Win 7 64 bit system.

This might now be the time to migrate your data to a newer database program.

  grey george 20:16 25 Oct 2010

I've used dosbox to run old dos programmes on vista and I believe it also works on windows 7.
click here

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