Doom 3 - run problems, about to give up!

  researcher 23:04 06 Sep 2004

Sytem: XP Home, Athlon 2100+ (1733), Asus A7V333, 2+512MB PC2700 RAM, Creative soundblaster Audigy.

Problem: Game freezes anything from 5 to 75 minutes in - usually 5 to 35. Cannot exit/do anything and have to remove disc and re-boot computor.

Have contacted Activision (very slow)and:
Moved sound card from shared IRQ with processor, now IRQ 19 and 16 respectivelly
Have upped AGP aperture size from 64 to 256MB - my m'boards max.
Have all latest sound and graphics drivers - have not updated m'board BIOS as this seems a major step.
Have tried different sound acceleration, anti-aliasing/quality settings - they do not seem to change anything except visual aspect of game.
Have run MSconfig and disabled other start-ups.
Frame rate is fine.

According to Activision, Toms hardware guide, M'soft games adviser my system should run OK and is reasonably above the minimum required.

I've learnt a fair bit (AGP aperture/shared IRQs, but this is begining to depress me as the game is effectively unplayable.

Any advice appreciated.

  hugh-265156 00:35 07 Sep 2004

what graphics card are you using or are you trying to use onboard graphics? if its onboard graphics you have then i doubt doom will play and if it does it will be a slideshow. it will play with most budget graphics cards and even on direct x8.1 cards but more than likely it will be just at min detail and 640x480.

  joesoaps 00:51 07 Sep 2004

You need a graphics card with a minimum of 64mb to run this game,afraid if you have onboard graphics I doubt the game will run.Having said that you say the game runs then freezes this could point to a software problem,can you try the game cd on another computer and have you set the game to run at minimum resolution.


  Skuby 01:05 07 Sep 2004

I had same problem, game freezes & cannot do anything & have to re-boot. Although original graphics card ran the game (just), had to upgrade to faster card (ATI Radeon 9600XT) Cured the freezing & totally transformed the game.

  Starfox 01:16 07 Sep 2004

The graphics card you are using(or lack of one)will be crucial as to how the game runs and although idsoftware claim the game will run at 64mb I find you need at least 128mb for this game to look anything like half decent.What does the game look like before it freezes ie is it really playable and the images not too blocky.


  researcher 08:18 07 Sep 2004

Sorry, with all the info i forgot the graphics card - nvidia Ti4600, 128MB.

According to Toms Hardware Guide, this ranks about half-way between the min requirement and preferred requirement so should run with no problems.

  Starfox 15:02 07 Sep 2004

You should have no problems with that graphics card,I suspect a software or hardware conflict here.I had a similar problem with Painkiller and that turned out to be non compatability with my dvd hardware.How does the game run before it freezes?


  hugh-265156 17:48 07 Sep 2004

the nvidia Ti4600, 128MB will play doom ok on low settings at 640x480 or 800x600. it takes a much faster pc and a very fast dx9 card to run doom at anything higher.

make sure you are using nvidias latest drivers click here check you have direct x9b from the doom cd or download 9b or c from microsoft maybe.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 18:44 07 Sep 2004

There's a couple of solutions on offer if you click here and click here - hope you find something to help you.

I know it's not much help, but you're not missing much.. Doom 3 is quite the disappointment (in my ever so humble opinion)

  researcher 21:32 07 Sep 2004

Thank you all for your suggestions, to answer some:
Latest graphics drivers installed,
Game runs fine before it freezes, sound is great,
dx9c installed (OK according to Activision),
Running at 800*600 & medium quality settings - the games selected settings. I tried lowering without a difference.

Ill have a more detailed look at TGoIP sites - but a quick look says I have tried most things.

The pain is, you cannot even get Task Manager up to see if anything else has started - even though other start-ups have been disabled.

  Starfox 22:52 07 Sep 2004

Hope you get it sorted but as The Ghost of Inept Pig says you aint missing too much,after the first ten levels it becomes dreadfully monotonous ie shooting same old enemies in dark boring corridors,bit of a no brainer really which is a shame as it started out quite well(just another opinion).

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