doom 3 accessing the PDA

  THE TERMINATOR 00:40 11 Jan 2005

Hi chaps, My friend has a 2.8 gig P4 with 512MB RAM Galaxy Geforce FX5500 8X AGP graphics card with 256mb memory, and XP home. He has downloaded the latest drivers(66.93) from NVIDIA web site. He says the game plays ok apart from when he tries to change things within his PDA he cant get e-mail or change users. Is there anyone who has encountered the same prob,and can help him. Thanks in advance....TT

  The Sack 00:44 11 Jan 2005

Has he picked anyone elses PDA up?

  THE TERMINATOR 00:49 11 Jan 2005

Yes and he has to listen to an audio, but can't change from personal to this other person....

  gudgulf 00:59 11 Jan 2005

Might be worth patching the game to version 1.1 if not alreadt done click here

  THE TERMINATOR 01:11 11 Jan 2005

trying that now

  THE TERMINATOR 00:16 13 Jan 2005

I went to my friends house and did what you suggested but he still cannot acces information held in hid PDA, there is no change when you click on anything there....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 00:40 13 Jan 2005

The graphics and sound are ok, ans so are the graphics....TT

  BeForU 00:54 13 Jan 2005

Have you told your friend to uninstall and reinstall the entire game, repatched it etc? It's pretty much the last resort to see if anything else would work and 'most' of the time it should fix certain ingame problems.

  THE TERMINATOR 01:05 13 Jan 2005

Will try that tomorrow and post back, thanks....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 00:54 14 Jan 2005

The game is working fine now, apparently the manual instructions for accessing things in the PDA says "review audio and video logs, simply click the person’s name on the left side of the PDA" when in fact you have to hover your mouse over what you want to do and press the control key, is it my friend or do all manuals say the above and all you need is a mouse click....TT

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