Don't want to print in colour

  Pine Man 11:17 18 Apr 2005

I have an Epson Stylus Photo 895 printer which uses a black cartridge and a five colour cartridge.

I no longer print photos or rarely have any need to print anything in colour. My existing colour cartridge is just about to run out and when it does I won't be able to print in black until I put a new colour cartridge in which is a waste of money.

Does anybody know of a way for me to just print in black without having to buy a new colour cartridge?

  Yoda Knight 11:35 18 Apr 2005

There is an option in the printer settings to print in black & white or grey scale only

  woodchip 11:49 18 Apr 2005

Why no get a cheap Laser???click here

  Sapins 11:51 18 Apr 2005

To make it a default setting go to control panel/printers and other hardware/view installed printers or fax printers. right click on your printer, select properties/advanced/printing defaults and in the "Main" tab click on black. Any setting you change here will be the default setting each time you go to print something, hope I'm not teaching Grandma!

  woodchip 11:57 18 Apr 2005

Plus A4 Laser is waterproof when printed

  pj123 11:58 18 Apr 2005

As Yoda Knight says. There is an option in Print, Properties to select Black only. As far as I know you have to keep the Colour cartridge installed though, (empty or not). Give it a try when the time comes. If it doesn't work you can get 1 black and 1 colour cartridge from click here for £6.99 inc VAT and Postage.

  Pine Man 12:09 18 Apr 2005

Thanks for your replies.

It isn't really the settings I'm concerned about it is the fact that I have to have a colour cartridge in the printer and when it runs out, which it will even when printing black, the printer will stop working until I put a new full colour cartridge in.

I was sort of hoping someone might know a way of confusing the printer into thinking it had got a full colour cartridge in it. If not I suppose the best way is to buy a really cheap refill but I have actually tried those for printing and occasionally they weren't recognised by the printer.

  Meshuga 14:51 18 Apr 2005

Pine Man. If you adjust the printer settings to black only your colour cartridge won`t be used so it won`t run out.

  David4637 15:07 18 Apr 2005

The colour will eventually either run out by wastage or get blocked through lack of use. You could fill the cart with distilled water, then any wastage could be replenished by a refill. David

  Diemmess 15:27 18 Apr 2005

Model numbers whizz by so fast when you don't need them! My 870 would need re-chipping or be fitted with a valid colour cartridge if I ran out! Seems that a cheapo non-Epson alternative is the simple way to make the printer happy.

A cheap laser (woodchip) might be soon on your shopping list, the quality these days is superb. ........ From personal experience the Epson inks don't seem to dry in the head provided you do a print every month or so.

  woodchip 19:18 18 Apr 2005

What about this but it can be got cheaper click here

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