Dont want dual display with XP

  Paroxetine 19:37 04 May 2004

Upgraded a PC to XP from Windows 2000 and it worked alright with the exception that the resolution when changed on the single AGP card that was present, to a higher setting caused it to crash. Having to use a spare PCI card instead to rectify the problem which was driver based, I removed the PCI card and am now showing one device in the system properties in control panel, yet two devices of the same name under the multiple monitors set up in the display settings for the PC. I would rather remove one to avoid any issues that could appear.

The card is a 128mb Geforce 440 with the latest drivers from Nvidia, XP patched up to date operating with 512 Ram and 1800 Athlon.

All the web sites tell me how to set up a dual display, not to take it back to one esp since I have only one card.

Thanks in advance.


  poogles_uk 20:07 04 May 2004

Have you activated it? if not just reinstall windows, or just reinstall windows and then ring up to reactivate

  Paroxetine 23:17 04 May 2004

Already activated, and dont really want to reinstall it all again. Would a repair do the same thing (to keep the existing data) ?

  hugh-265156 00:07 05 May 2004

most cards now have the abillity to output to a seconday monitor dvi or a tv screen svideo for example besides the main monitor.

when you look at the graphics cards properties in device manager it is quite normal to see the one card listed as both "primary" and "secondary" adapters.

they are in fact just one card not two.this is normal.

the actual tv or secondary extended monitor functions are controlled via display/settings and also advanced display settings menus accessed via control panel or by right clicking the desktop/properties/settings.

  Dumble452 00:09 05 May 2004

Has your card got a TV out socket and is anything attached to it? My computer detects the TV when attached but if I switch off the computer, unplug the connection from the TV out socket and then restart the computer the display reverts to single display. Otherwise all I can suggest is disabling the one you don't want in the display properties which then greys it out and shows it as inactive when you bring up the settings screen.

  Paroxetine 08:39 05 May 2004

I think you are on to something there huggy, the card has a tv output which I dont use, so I would take it that windows is just letting me know that I can you that feed out as well. As for disabling the secondary card I have done and it is in 'shadow' so to speak. Think will let the pc run and see how the user gets on, if there are other problems I will post back.

Thanks for the tips.


  Dumble452 09:02 05 May 2004

When I first ran my computer I think it came up showing 2 monitors in the display (this was before I connected the TV). I also had a few problems with hardware. From memory I went to control panel/system/hardware/device manager and removed the offending items. Then restarted and let XP find them and install drivers. My display then showed only one monitor until I connected the TV and it detected that. Sorry to be so vague but I didn't write it down at the time.

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