Don't tear your hair out installing drivers!

  Sapins 16:26 20 May 2004

Just thought I would share this little experience.

I have just spent a very frustrating few hours trying to re-install the drivers for my Epson photo 895 using the XP Wizard,until I realised that when it asked for the path for the driver the one it highlighted was NOT the one I wanted.:-(

Now of course I KNOW how to do it, but boy did I go round and round.

  Sapins 16:28 20 May 2004

Now of course I KNOW how to do it NOW, but.....

  BIG ben strikes 10 16:37 20 May 2004

had the same problem with my lexmark colour jet printer.i found out i was trying to install a laser printer.i successfully downloaded the right drivers from the lexmark site.and now it works.but the stupid thing was i had the drivers on CD which i found a week

  cream. 16:46 20 May 2004

Ah. The joys of computing, all there to make our lives ever so easy.

My favourite trick is to put the driver disk in the other optical drive, somehow it is never the drive I originally used.

I must remember to get a new case, there are quite a few dents in this one. mainly from when I


;-) ;-)

  Sapins 16:55 20 May 2004

I once telephoned a technical support line, free phone fortunately, complaining I couldn't play a DVD film, after much discussion with an American in the USA! I realised I had put the DVD in the Rewriter drive :-((

Happy Day's

  Stuartli 17:06 20 May 2004

I've spent an hour or so this week trying to install an IE HotFix for XP only to get the Quick Fix Engineering panel up saying it was not suitable.

Eventually I discovered I'd downloaded the XP 64 bit version...

  Sapins 17:16 20 May 2004

It certainly feels better knowing others have made, shall I say unfortunate, mistakes.

Any more little gems?

  cream. 17:22 20 May 2004

A office had an old AT computer running win98se. They wanted a usb printer on it. So my mate rings me to come over to have a look.

Oh yes says me. You have no usb on the computer, Maplins have a 4port usb pci card for about £20 ( this was a couple of years ago). Do you want me to pop over, pick one up and pop it in for you?

Yes please, they say.

Off I go to maplins, only 15 miles there and of course 15 miles back.

Off comes the case, quick as a flash. PCI guard stands no chance as it is expertly whipped out. Screw driver appears out of thin air, well me trouser pocket, always have one just in case. Card packet is ripped to shreds in anticipation of most simple of simple jobs.

PCI card slotted in and screwed down. Case back on as quick as a flash, windows 98se disk in my sweaty palm waiting for eureka shout.

Windows boots and the wizard appears. New hardware found, great. Please insert the driver disk for your usb 4 port HUB.

Rummaging through the shreds of the packaging I find a usb lead, the PCI card has 4 usb out ports and 1 usb in port.

Brain works overtime. Er Er Er. Yes that will do.

That damm salesman has given me the wrong PCI card, even though I picked it up.

Well it was only an extra 15 miles there and of course 15 miles back. :-(

  wallbash 17:28 20 May 2004

Similar driver problem! for me , have Epson 750, running xp. But now have stuck large label on printer software to remined me.

'Do Not Use with XP. go with Win xp data base driver.

  Sapins 19:19 20 May 2004

Come on, anyone else admit to their mistakes?

  Chris the Ancient 19:32 20 May 2004

Sub start:
For n = 1 to 3
Buy additional printer
Load all drivers
Printer not found
Expletive deleted
Reload drivers
Printer not found
Additional expletives
n = n+1
end sub

Sub try_new_usb_cable
end sub

Goto Sub Stand_in_Corner_facing_wall

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