Dont mind paying for AntiVirus-any recommendations

  buel 14:58 20 Dec 2009

Hi, i have a brand new laptop and am eventually going to split it into 3 partitions, one for vista, Xp and Windows 7. In the past i have always used the free Avg and, to be fair, i haven't had any problems but being as this is a brand new latop i dont mind paying for an AntiVirus so which one would anyone recommend please? (i want one that isn't too processor-hungry)
Also, would it be ok/legal to use it on the 3 different operating systems?

  Quiller. 15:15 20 Dec 2009

We did a beta test on it and it was the best AV I've ever used.

  birdface 17:52 20 Dec 2009

Nod 32 is supposed to be the best.

click here

As long as it is being used on the one computer I can see no problems.

  mercfan 18:21 20 Dec 2009

I'm using PC Tools Internet security. AV plus Anti Spyware, AQnti Spam and Firewall. Link it with Firefox running Web of Trust, Ad Block and Noscript, ande I reckon your pretty secure.

  DieSse 19:34 20 Dec 2009

Eset NOD32 - or Eset Security Suite.

Or for a free AV I've been putting Microsoft Security Essentials. Seems MS have finally produced a decent AV.

  Input Overload 19:40 20 Dec 2009

Eset, Eset, Eset.

  tullie 19:41 20 Dec 2009

Im not certain,but i think you would have to instal it on each system.

  rawprawn 21:13 20 Dec 2009

Why on earth do you want 3 operating systems? basicly they all do the same job.
I prefer Kaspersky 2010, and it is free if you happen to bank online with Barclays

  rickf 21:30 20 Dec 2009

Have always used McAfee.For years now and never had a prob.

  CurlyWhirly 09:34 21 Dec 2009

NOD32 is my recommendation.

I've never had a problem with it.

  cocteau48 12:54 21 Dec 2009

I have been running Bullguard for two months now click here and am thus far very impressed with the level of security/speed of loading/lightweight on resources/unobtrusiveness - and the licence covers three machine if you need it.

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