Don't know if this is genuine??

  gem1981 10:59 10 Dec 2010

Recently my laptop keeps stopping running internet explorer and I have to restart IE.
This morning I had an international phonecall claiming to be windows support saying they had received 52 error messages from my pc. He told me to go on a website called click here. I was very wary and ended the phonecall.
Does anyone know if this is a genuine problem please?
Also, I dont know if it is related but I've had an email today from twitter saying I'd requested to change my password, which I haven't...

  gengiscant 11:03 10 Dec 2010

The phone call was definitely a scam, as to your Twitter account you might want to go and change your password yourself.
Also a few scans with hopefully your various anti-malware programs would be a good idea.

  gem1981 11:05 10 Dec 2010

Thank you. I have norton anti virus on my laptop. Is there anything else I need on top of that?

  gengiscant 11:11 10 Dec 2010

Most certainly,Norton is not enough, here is a couple of suggestions. Malwarebytes click here Superantispy click here Spybot click here there are of course others, but these are pretty good.

  johndrew 11:16 10 Dec 2010

You may be interested to have a look at these threads click here

I have had several 'International' calls since, none of which were from my son who is generally flagged up as 'international' on the 'phone, but often either rang off as they were answered or simply 'silent calls'.

These scammers are causing concern to a lot of people but deserve only contempt and to be ignored. Their claims are totally false and their intentions ill will.

  Woolwell 11:32 10 Dec 2010

Just to differ slightly from gengiscant. Which version of Norton do you have? If it is the latest security suite as opposed to just the anti-virus then you are probably ok. It is good to have malwarebytes and/or SuperantiSpyware as well and these should confirm that Norton has picked up everything it should do.

As to the phone call it is as already stated a scam.

However you do need to investigate why IE keeps stopping. Have you tried any other browsers and does this occur with any other programs?

  gem1981 12:14 10 Dec 2010

Thank you all.
I have norton internet security, do I need anything on top of that?
Also, what other web browsers could I use instead of internet explorer?

  onthelimit 12:52 10 Dec 2010

Firefox very popular along with Google Chrome. For myself, I still prefer IE which behaves seamlessly on my XP PC.

  c4rm0 14:12 10 Dec 2010

I use Ammyy myself to remote access customers pc's

  lotvic 14:21 10 Dec 2010

But I bet you don't cold call new customers and tell them that they have a problem by claiming to be windows support saying they had received error messages from their pc
- unless you are a scammer trying to con them, that is ;-)

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