Dont know enough rude words

  FireOfBlue 23:01 15 Jun 2003

A7N8X delux mother board, 9800 pro graphics card, 2 x 512 mb DDR, 80 gb western Digital hard drive, cdrw, dvd, floppy.

I am feeling very fed up! I should have bought a blooming Time computer! Things are that bad,

I was feeling happy, even smug last night, playong unreal tournament 2003 with all the settings maxed out on my newly sorted PC. I had replaced the PSU with a 550 w model , replaced the DDR 2700 memory and then found the original was ok - giving me 1GB in total, had found out that the POST error I had been getting was a BIOS bug and I just needed to upgrade. And then ... and then, at 2 in the morning the screen froze with the mouse's arrow pointer immobile. The PC was rather hot - ie very hot, so I thought it may have overheated and needed to cool down, even though there are 3 case fans and the psu has an extractor. It hasn't booted all day. I have taken out the cmos battery and cleared the BIOS lots of times - nothing. All the cables, the video card and memory modules are all tightly pushed home, the motherboard has built in safety cut out that shuts the pc down if the cpu is getting too hot - do it cant have fried. I have no idea what is wrong. I have been reading some other forums and seeing scarey stuff about replacing bios chips etc. I hope to buy a new cmos battery tomorrow - hope it might be that causing the problem. My motherboard is teh revision 2, apparently revision 1 had bad bateries - I can but hope! The pc clock had been losing time for a while, so might it be a run down battery?
Any help very gratefully received.

Oh, and I just re-wrote this whole post after the first one disapperaed just as I posted it. Grrrrrrr!

  rev.bem 23:16 15 Jun 2003

For more swearwords than you'll ever need consult Roger's profanisaurus.

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  Bodi 23:17 15 Jun 2003

Try taking out one of your memory sticks and see if the computer will boot. Try one then the other.

Are the fans, LED's etc working when you switch on? Any power getting to the board?

What is the wattage of your PSU? Does this appear to be working?

I don't think the CMOS battery, even if it's dead, will stop your computer from booting. All that will happen is that you will have to reset the BIOS.

Is the heatsink & fan adequate for the CPU you have fitted?

Just some shots in the dark.


  woodchip 23:25 15 Jun 2003

I would say CPU caput

  FireOfBlue 23:27 15 Jun 2003

Thanks rev! ;) and Bodi.

Have 550 watt power supply, all fans (and case lights) are fine, motherboard led lights - so definitely lots of power.Have 3 x case fans and the psu has an extractor fan.Heatsink and fan came with the cpu, so they're ok as well.

Will try the memory tomorrow - but am not hpeful.

thanks anyway :)

  FireOfBlue 23:30 15 Jun 2003

cpu is amd 2500 xp+

trhe motherboard cuts of the power if teh cpu gets too hot, so might not be that.

Was doing something similar a few days ago - ie not posting when it was overclocked too high and cleari9ng the BIOS sorted it then

Thanks for idea though

  Rtus 00:11 16 Jun 2003

First time Ive seen you post for a while...WELCOME home..

  deecee50 00:14 16 Jun 2003

I am sorry to say this but methinks you have fried your cpu , the fan you were supplied MAY be the correct one for that size cpu but if your overclocking then this will generate a lot more heat and you will need a larger fan, the temp protection systems are far from accurate and too slow to operate if the trip temp is set too near the failure temp of the cpu, also the fans you have need to be balanced , its no use trying to feed more air in than you can extract or vice versa, the ideal is to feed cold air from the front bottom and exhaust hot from rear top (not via psu that fan is only to cool the psu) and achieve a through flow effect.

  darknebula 00:30 16 Jun 2003

try swearing in a foreign language at click here buggar about your cpu hope you get it fixed soon

  u2 01:58 16 Jun 2003

They should issue a free sledge-hammer with every machine,especially mine, on second thought,s perhaps not, mine would have been dead a long time ago.Might be your MB mine broke after just 9 months.god luck with it .

  rabadubdub 02:10 16 Jun 2003

I think your expletive may be deleted.

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