Don't forget the Housekeeping

  €dstowe 13:35 23 Jul 2004

Forum members who have been coming here a long time may recall me writing about a regular ritual Friday afternoon we have at our studio.

A number of recent threads despairing at their loss of data and other computer crashes indicate to me that some members could do worse than follow our procedures, not necssarily on a Friday afternoon but, just on a regular basis.

Put simply, we do the computer housekeeping. That is: check that all updates are updated, all junk is cleared out and, perhaps most important, do a full system backup of all of our machines. We do, of course, run daily backups of files and settings but a full system backup is important in case of a disaster in Windows, the hard drive or any other part of a machine.

While the backups are being done, we have our weekly staff meeting (with wine and cakes which some may remember) and by the time the meeting is finished, so are all the backups. safe and ready for the next week.

Now I know that some people used to find my reminders about doing backup akin to nagging and some even told me so in very clear terms but, it is very apparent that the message needs renewing.

Don't retain the impression that you don't need a backup because "it will never happen to me". It can happen to you and it will. If you place any value, any value at all, in what is in your computer, do a backup and renew it regularly.

While your in the housekeeping mood, it's also an idea to check that Windows, your A/V, firewall, anti-spy software and all the other things you have to help your machine keep in tip-top condition are current. Do this, of course, before the backup.

I am going out now to get the cream cakes and the wine.


  SANTOS7 13:41 23 Jul 2004

extremely good advice €dstowe, Backing-up and regular housekeeping and the eating of cream buns top of my list to, have a nice weekend.

  xania 13:46 23 Jul 2004

I recall some years ago that a basic statistic ran something like this. 95% of all companies that suffer a data loss go out of buisiness within a year. That was in 1996! Seems that some people take a long time to get the message - and for them ta ta!!

  GaT7 13:51 23 Jul 2004

Thanks €dstowe. The last time you 'nagged' us about backing-up was 2-3 months ago ; ) click here. Enjoy the cream cakes & wine : )) G

  €dstowe 15:46 23 Jul 2004

All done!

  Djohn 16:13 23 Jul 2004

By the vast majority of forum members. It was these last year that prompted me to buy DI7 and do regular backups myself. Not needed them yet but feel all the better for having them.

Enjoy the cream cakes ;o)

  Bapou 16:21 23 Jul 2004

I follow your good advice, forgot about the wine and cakes though. Thanks for reminding me.

  seedie 18:21 23 Jul 2004

An admirable sentiment Ed but I feel that in many cases you are casting your words on barren ground, even to the extent that some people who have had a loss STILL won't backup.

Woman down the road rang the bell last week and was positive her cat walked over the Kboard and managed to type format c: ;) Told her to pull the other one.

  Chegs ® 18:54 23 Jul 2004

I have several backup apps,I have lost several gigs of data several times over.I still cannot be bothered with regular backups,although I do run AV/Spyware/Defrag,etc regularly.I have a DVD-RW and 5 RW-DVD's,so there is no excuse,I used to run the backups regularly when I used 98se,XP has been really stable(until this week)and I became really complacent about my files.I always assumed that a)it wouldn't happen to me,and b)backups were just using up valuable hdd space.Today,my hdd died completely having started missbehaving on Tuesday,I have an image of my previous OS and apps,but cannot install this to my new machine as 98se refuses to run with 1.5Gb RAM.One day,I might removed 1Gb RAM,install the image,extract the files I'm presently missing then return to XP,but I doubt it. ;-)

  sidecar sid 18:59 23 Jul 2004

Perhaps if wine and cakes were a compulsory part of backing up more people would do it,as allways your advice and reminders are well recived here at sidecar towers.

  Shas 23:43 23 Jul 2004

The truth of this does tend to jump up and bite you on the bum when you least expect it.

Although I back up my data regularly-ish, I have never done a system back up because I suppose I thought I didn't need to, but today, tried to open AOL and was told Windows couldn't find the shortcut. Because AOL is such a big programme and I'm running out of room on C drive, I had installed it ages ago on my D drive.

Something has zapped my D:\Programs file. Could I remember exactly what was in there? No. The AOL folder was still there but there was nothing in it. I used PC File Recovery and it turns out, apart from AOL I had Ad-Aware, Spybot, A-squared, plus a few other not-so-important ones like Spider Solitaire etc. in there. Haven't quite figured out how to restore the programmes from PC Recovery but luckily most are ones that I can re-download so I'm not too worried, but it's a lesson to be learned.

Guess who'll be backing up everything, and I mean everything, from now on. (That's if I remember!)

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