Don't delete Avril Lavigne virus (apparently)

  Andÿ 00:30 10 Jan 2003
  Andÿ 00:30 10 Jan 2003

I don't normally post these virus warnings but this one is not to be deleted (apparently) as this would activate it click here

I thought it's best to know before you receive it as most people would delete it on receipt :o)

click here

  Pilch.... 00:35 10 Jan 2003

and i said see your passwords later boy or something like that!

  Forget-me-not 00:38 10 Jan 2003

The virus, which generally arrives as an e-mail attachment, can infect any PC running Microsoft's Windows operating system. Moreover, computers that haven't been updated in the last two years with the patch for an old Windows problem could be infected automatically, without the user doing anything but viewing the e-mail message. Computers running the Macintosh operating system and Linux are not affected.

OOhh We're all so at risk....not!

  northamuk 00:48 10 Jan 2003

Y not?

  Andÿ 00:48 10 Jan 2003

Your quote just means that if you have not updated in the last two years with the patch for an old Windows problem you could be infected automatically, but that is not the only way.

According to my first link if you receive the email/attachment and open it OR EVEN DELETE IT then you will be infected regardless of updates.

That is why I posted it :o)

  Andÿ 00:50 10 Jan 2003

OOhh We're all so at risk.........Maybe (The jury is still out)!!!!!!!


  Forget-me-not 00:57 10 Jan 2003

I use protection...that is why I am not spooked by your post

  northamuk 00:58 10 Jan 2003

One wonders why one bothers.

  Andÿ 01:07 10 Jan 2003

Nobody is meant to be spooked and northamuk is correct I wonder why I bother.......

It used to be such a nice friendly place with people genuinely trying to help each other, a few disagreements yes but people were genuinely trying to help.

Just lately it a place that people come to pour scorn on........... oh never mind!!!!

[Andÿ exits stage left with tear in eye]..........

  northamuk 01:10 10 Jan 2003

Maybe this says it all:

Qoute from a previos thread

Forget-me-not Wed, 08.01.03 | 00:54
What a stupid thread....the big-boys at PCA would never give admin status to mere you really believe that will ever happen?
PCA is self-governed by highly intelligent admins.....that is why they did away with the Gamesroom....because they know best!

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