Dongles, Mi-Fi & Wi-Fi... help needed...

  Jemaris 17:57 27 May 2014

A friend has been given an old laptop that I've installed Lubuntu on. It has a wireless adapter & we've managed to connect to the cloud in the local pub, so we know the laptops Wi-Fi is in working order. He has no internet connection at home & taking out a contract isn't an option. He doesn't even have a land line phone, so to get on the internet what exactly does he need?

A device to create his own WiFi hotspot? E.g. Vodafone R206 Pay As You Go Mifi

Then does he also need a USB WiFi dongle for the laptop to wirelessly connect to this hotspot device?

Taking out a monthly contract isn't an option either, but, if the above is correct it looks like it's cheaper to buy the MiFi device separately then get a Pay as you Go dongle from one of the mobile broadband providers.

Can anyone advise me if this is the right way to go about this? (for his Pay as you go requirement) or offer any advice from personal experience please?

He'd only be a very, very light user anyway. Most likely 250Mb or less per month.

Does anyone know if any vendor does PAYG without the time limit to 'Use it or lose it' within 30 days?

  alanrwood 10:17 28 May 2014

Just as a suggestion. Mobi-data provide a data sim with 1GG /month for less than £5 a month with 2GB for the first 3 months. It is also not a rolling contract so can be cancelled any time.

click here have also found them very reasonable to deal with. I overused my 1st month 1GB allowance by 1.4GB as the advertised email alerts at 50%, 80% and 90% did not arrive in time due to the Easter public holiday long weekend. This could have resulted in an overcharge of over £100. I appealed to them on the basis that the emails had not arrived and they finally agreed to just cancel my second month data allowance and drop all the extra charges. I consider this to be excellent customer service.


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