Dongle / Laptop Problem

  Grumpy Grandad 14:24 22 Apr 2006

My wife has a set of embroidery programs that needs a dongle that runs them on our PC. The new laptop that we bought hasn't the necessary printer port to attach the dongle and so the programs will not run on the laptop.
Is there an attachment that will let me connect the dongle to a USB hub?
Or could there be some software that will let me bypass the use of the dongle completely?

  dms05 15:07 22 Apr 2006

You could buy a USB to Parallel printer cable (assuming your old PC uses Parallel). They aren't cheap and maybe purchasing the updated version of the program may be a better bet click here

My experience of USB to Serial cables hasn't been very good. Some work, many don't. So make sure the USB Parallel cable is what you need.

  Grumpy Grandad 15:23 22 Apr 2006

Thanks Buddy,
It looks like a trip to Maplins with the laptop and dongle.

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