Dongle ISP drop out?

  PC840 13:19 12 Sep 2012

Did anybody have trouble with their dongle ISP dropping out during last nights football? Although I wasn't watching the football mine was constantly dropping out, no doubt the traffic caused it, because today it's OK!

  PC840 11:19 13 Sep 2012

And the same happened when they put the Hillsborough documents on line. So are the networks becoming overloaded?

  PC840 20:45 14 Sep 2012

I wonder if I've sorted the problem! To get better reception I place the dongle high up on a wall unit. And I went to move it, it felt like a red hot coal! So I placed back in the computer USB and it cooled down, to be warm to the touch. And since the ISP has not dropped out!

  rdave13 21:11 14 Sep 2012

PC840 , sorry I can't help as I don't use these dongles for internet. Seems as the extension cable you used is faulty. Luckily the dongle didn't burn out.

  PC840 11:15 15 Sep 2012

'the extension cable you used is faulty' I don't know, but there is better air flow now!

  Housten 14:55 15 Sep 2012


Sorry to trouble you but I have asked elsewhere with no reply, and as you have a dongle I hope you may be able to answer my query.

I had thought that ALL dongles received their transmissions through a satellite and were independent of ground networks. Because my wife and I are going on a couple of holidays abroad using a PAYG dongle would obviate the need to use a local network, and would be much better being independent of them. But I can not find a satellite PAYG dongle, and was wondering if you know of such a beast.

Any information or advice would be very welcome.

  Woolwell 15:47 15 Sep 2012

Housten - dongles are like mobile phones and pick up their signals from mobile phone masts which is why then can lose connection in areas of poor coverage.

If you are going abroad then be very careful of the data charges which can be very high indeed.

  Housten 10:56 17 Sep 2012


Thank you for your reply. Being brain dead I had thought that where there was no signal a dongle would cover your broad band use. This merely proves that a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing!! You see our first holiday is on a cruise and the broad band speed offered is 496 KB download and 450 KB upload, so it is quite slooooow, and the charges are not cheap. Our second holiday is to an island where the charges are $5 for the first minute and $2 per minute thereafter - very expensive. I had thought that if I had a PAYG dongle then I would determine how much I was prepared to pay. Now I am uncertain about the cruise but know I will not be doing anything on the island!!!

OH! Well, it had been a good idea, but it is just not to be.

  Woolwell 11:01 17 Sep 2012

At the risk of hi-jacking this thread - Housten you may be better off finding free wi-fi points but beware of security issues with that.

  Housten 17:25 18 Sep 2012


Many thanks for your reply. I know about wi-fi hotspots but - and I am not trying to crow - but the cruise we are on is 22 days and we visit 7 ports, so the vast balance will be at sea. So wi-fi hotspots are out, even if it is a good idea.

PC840 may I endorse Woolwell's point of view and apologise to you. I hope you understand that I was not trying to hi-jack your thread.

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