deking 08:35 12 Sep 2006

Is it possible to use a dongle to connect up my laptop to the internet via my mobile phone. If so can someone please advise me how?

  Strawballs 09:28 12 Sep 2006

If you are with Vodafone you can get an aircard PCMCIA card.

  deking 10:17 12 Sep 2006

Thanks Strawballs, but I'm with orange.

  ade.h 12:45 12 Sep 2006

So you could get an Orange 3G card instead then...

  silverous 12:55 13 Sep 2006

But failing that yes you can use bluetooth (either built in or via a dongle) to use your Phone as a modem.

Often if you install the software on your laptop that came with your phone (e.g. my Sony K800i) it will setup this modem for you I believe.

You then just access by doing a Connect, <whatever the modem is called> and it is like Dial-up but at GPRS (or even 3G I believe) speeds.

  deking 13:46 13 Sep 2006

Thanks everybody.

  Giggle n' Bits 15:07 14 Sep 2006

if you consider Bluetooth and have a Wireless enable and working for Router then bluetooh v1.1 conflicts with the Wireless.

  silverous 16:42 14 Sep 2006

Tubby, where'd you get that from? I'm sure I've
used both.

  ade.h 16:49 14 Sep 2006

click here Based on that, they probably shouldn't suffer interference, despite operating in almost the same range.

  Todd 562 19:41 15 Sep 2006

Yep it can be done,the guy in the orange shop set mine up for me about 6months ago.One huge problem,paying for it!Costs an absolute fortune.Ok if you've won the lottery!

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