Domain on XP Pro?

  Boffin Boy 18:49 02 Oct 2005

Basically (and I know that everyone will be saying "no, that's impossible") is it possible to start a domain on XP Pro?


  Boffin Boy 18:52 02 Oct 2005

Any use?
click here

  Boffin Boy 19:51 02 Oct 2005

? Can anyone help ?

  bremner 20:19 02 Oct 2005

Yes you can set up a domain with XP Pro - that is it's major advantage over XP Home.

  Boffin Boy 20:42 02 Oct 2005

Just to say, I mean 'set up' a domain on xp pro, not just log into one (I am not using a server at all).


  Boffin Boy 20:56 03 Oct 2005

... I'm back to it now... Any more suggestions?


  Thalmus 21:23 03 Oct 2005

To set up a domain, you will need a server class operating system on one machines. The other machines (the clients) can be win xp

  Thalmus 21:24 03 Oct 2005

To set up a network without a server it will need to be a workgroup not a domain

  Taran 21:47 03 Oct 2005

you cannot have XP Pro as a domain controller serving other computers.

In fact if truth be known you can also force XP Home to join a domain, if you know how, but it's more work than enough and not entirely reliable, which kind of defeats the object.

Network server software differs wildly from desktop computer software and aside from the lack of supporting features in XP Pro you would find Microsoft very interested in your activities.

If an XP Pro machine was your network domain controller, serving other machines on the network, you'd be contravening more licensing rules and regs than you could shake a stick at and you'd also be neatly avoiding the 'pay per seat' or 'pay per device' licensing Microsoft server software currently uses.

I'm happy to be proven wrong but no, to my knowledge Windows XP Pro cannot be a domain controller for a network where that machine serves other computers. Even if it could, its complete lack of anything resembling Active Directory would make it a pointless exercise since you'd be unable to manage any computers connected to it.

  Boffin Boy 21:57 03 Oct 2005

I think I will have to give up on this idea... However do you know of any ways to successfully store user profiles in one location on one computer without the caching of files on the other computers...


  Taran 22:27 03 Oct 2005

You've been very sketchy about what it is you want to do - if user profiles is involved and if you have several computers, you need a server to do this effectively.

You can either go for an entry level Windows SBS machine (there are some very good deals around at the moment for entry level SBS boxes), or aim a bit higher for a Windows Server 2003 Standard server, or use an old PC and roll your sleeves up for Linux, which cuts the costs down to next to nothing.

If you give some supporting information on exactly what it is you want to do (and why) you'd get a far better answer.

There could well be an easy solution to your given problem, but unless we know its full scope we're all taking a stab in the dark at it.

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