Domain Unavailable - Wireless Problem

  philharris433 22:06 07 Dec 2006

I work in schools and I seem to be often coming across a particular message when logging on. "Domain Unavailable".

It only appears when Im logging laptops onto the domain wirelessly, and out of the 16 laptops there is always one or two that bring up this message and the only way round it is to take it off and on the domain again. However eventually it will happen again!

Has anybody come across this one before?

  crosstrainer 22:33 07 Dec 2006

Hi phil,

This could be caused by a number of issues... can you post your router make / model and ip address, also are all the laptops of the same make and configuration, and running the same operating system?

  philharris433 09:32 09 Dec 2006

Hi, I should know the router model and IP address from monday, but as for the rest...they are two kinds of laptops but all the same configuration and all running XP Pro. This happens also in at least 3 schools that I visit and all are using different wireless access points. Generally the wireless access point I use is the netgear wg302. But its only a wireless issue and never happens with a wired connection. I should be able to give you more information on monday.


  philharris433 11:01 11 Dec 2006

Ok the actual message is -
"Windows cannot connect to the domain, either because the domain controller is down or because the computer account was not found"
Like I said this is only a wireless issue, the router is a cisco catalyst 3750 series. The only way to resolve this issue is to remove then reconnect the laptop to the domain! But it will always happen again sooner or later

  philharris433 15:46 13 Dec 2006

Anyone know about this? any help would be appreciated

  Aargh 17:13 13 Dec 2006

How are the laptops configured to acquire the domain - is it automatic or are the settings entered manually, and are the logon settings the same for each site?

I presume from your post you are talking about logging on to more than one network that you visit, at different sites.

If this is the case, it seems that there are different conditions at some sites - ie do they all have open access, and is your laptop being blocked by filters at certain sites. Could be as simple as security blocking your mac address and denying you access, or a weak connection.

  philharris433 09:32 14 Dec 2006

Each school has there own simple network with a domain controller. The laptops at each school all log on the same way and acquire the domain automatically.

Im thinking it probably could be a security issue, but finding out what is tricky.

  NETWORK123 20:18 21 Mar 2007


I have only had this problem a couple of times on my network. I found that it was due to the network connection not connecting to network. All i did was log in as administrator and logged off again and it was alright. - saves removing and adding laptop to domain. Not sure if it will work with your system.

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