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  LAPTOPBABE 12:20 26 May 2005

I have just bought a secondhand laptop and when I start up, i enter my password and it then says the domain server is not available to check your password. How can I get rid of this does anyone know?

  octal 12:57 26 May 2005

The laptop was probably part of an intranet network and is looking for the server which its no longer connected to. I suspect all the files might still be in tacked on the machine, which should have been wiped off the hard drive prior to you receiving it. I was going to ask where you got the machine, but second thoughts don't tell, obviously the IT department hasn't do their job properly.

I suspect a reformat and reinstall the operating system afresh might be the best way to get rid of the old files.

  BigMoFoT 13:00 26 May 2005

You could select to log onto the workstation only but you'd probably need a password to log on locally as well...

Reformatt is a good option

  pauldonovan 13:45 26 May 2005

...if it lets you into the laptop after that stage (which it kind of sounds like it does) then you could just try and unjoin the laptop from the domain.

Assuming it is windows xp (let us know what your operating system is), and you can get into windows, you can do the following. FIRST though, i'd go into the users area of control panel and setup a local user and ensure you can logon as that user without these problems (select the pc's name instead of the domain from the drop-down list at login).

Right-click on My Computer (should be on the desktop).
Select properties.
Go to the Computer Name tab.
Click on "Change".
You will probably see "Member of" with a domain entered. Change it to be a workgroup and pick a workgroup name, and you should be fine I think....

  LAPTOPBABE 19:14 26 May 2005

Yes I can get on ok, its just annoying. It has windows me on I; m afraid for the time being. Will what you suggested work just the same?

  pauldonovan 15:00 27 May 2005

....and i'm not sure in ME how you do it, is to ensure you've got a LOCAL user setup i.e. not your domain user. Once you have that you can do what i've described to switch to a workgroup.

If you don't get a working local user, and you leave the domain, you won't have any way to log on!!!

  LAPTOPBABE 19:21 27 May 2005

sorry but I don't have that tab on 'my computer' then 'properties'. So I can't change anything. I have set up local ussers and that is what I use to get on. But it still comes up with this domain thng. Any oher ideas anybody?

  pauldonovan 22:36 27 May 2005

as long as you are sure you are logging on locally (I can't believe that you are, because if you are then why would it be trying to use domain to check the password), then see bottom of this page:

click here

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