Domain renewing words of warning.

  Talented Monkey 01:03 12 Dec 2004

OK a big oopsy here. Wont go into the how’s and whys, lots of passing the buck and pointing fingers. Basically a a local charities domain has expired. For some reason the renewal was over looked and expired. The domain name was ranked on google, when I came to re-registered the domain, it came to light It had been “stolen” by some toe rag parking the domain onto a porn site which when visiting you get 100s of pop ups and many spy ware and Trojans being installed.

I am having to sort this little mess out, The Nominet appeal is underway, but I have found out the Whois info is false, surprise surprise, and this is obviously going to result in having to pay out £750 to take this to independent arbitration, hopefully it’s a clear cut case and the domain will be transferred, at this pint I am wondering if I should have included more evidence etc, however, its still costing £750 which is rather a lot to find, and could result in nothing happening.

Moral of this story, there are many nasty scum toerags out there to rain on your parade, therfore don’t let important domain names expire, buy as many as you can afford, ie .com. etc, and put them on auto renew. 02:25 12 Dec 2004

I forgot all about my domains running out, until the letters from Nominet started coming, telling me they had been renewed.

I have had a few bad words to say about 1&1 lately, but at least they took care of that for me, so they are coming back into favour!

I suppose that in the end, your hosting choice can make a difference to instances like yours being prevented.

  Sir Radfordin 09:35 12 Dec 2004

Over the last few years Nominet and other registras have tightened up on the domain name renewels to try and prevent this happening.

You should be sent a letter saying the domain has expired and you have a period of time to make the renewl. Doing nothing results in the domain eventually going back to the open market. Last time I checked there was no time scale on this to try and prevent people setting up automated systems to catch expired domains.

As barry says 1&1 and other hosting companies will automatically renew your domain unless you instruct them otherwise. Saves a lot of hassle.

And for anyone else reading, remember that there are a number of domain name renewal scams that have come to light in the past. Always check the WHOIS database for the company who last registered your domain and deal direct with them.

  Forum Editor 18:43 12 Dec 2004

and sadly one that has been repeated thousands of times in the past.

I have dozens of domain names to look after on behalf of clients, and it's a constant fear of mine that somehow one of them will slip through the net. To avoid this I have a reminder entered into my Outlook calendar for each domain expiry date. I'm notified automatically four weeks in advance of each renewal, and the calendar is backed up across my network. In addition, I only buy names through one totally trustworthy company, and they also notify me well ahead of the renewal dates. So far it has all worked smoothly, but I never totally relax about it.

Nominet UK has radically overhauled its domain name management system, and now each administrative contact is notified when a renewal is due.

You have my sympathy, I hope the dispute resolution process goes in your favour.

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