Domain purchasing. Is Whois Privacy a must for me?

  Jwbjnwolf 11:35 25 Jan 2014

Hi. I am thinking about buying domains for my three websites so I can get away from using "" subdomains, which will make it more professional.

I first came to 1&1, then came to GoDaddy, and now I'm thinking about settling with 123-Reg.

I understand that what Whois Privacy does is make all your personal details such as full name, house address, phone number and email completely confidential if someone does a Whois search on your website.

I want to keep my location hidden from my online presence, so I am guessing that in that case this would be a must for me?

I'm new to all this because only this week have I decided to invest in some professional looking domains for my websites. Some of the reasons are:

• I want to have my domains after the @ in my email addresses (good way to promote your website I gather).

• I can imagine that the traffic to my websites will have a significant boost in figures over time than if I stay with the free Weebly subdomains.

• I know I'll eventually purchase domains in the future and this article I was reading says that it is better to jump into the domain name game early before you do get a incredibly big audience.

The domain names I've picked really are fantastic and very professional sounding so I'm pleased with them. They all are ".com" which is exactly what I wanted because I'm targeting the whole wide world as an audience. So I'm pretty pleased with the choice outcome I have got.

So again, judging from what I said about that I want to keep my location hidden from my online presence, the Whois Privacy is a must for me I am guessing? I think I might of answered my own question but still prefer to ask for some advice.

Thanks for any advice for all this. Jase

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  Jwbjnwolf 13:24 26 Jan 2014

Yesterday came across one of the YouTubers (I've been subscribed to for few years) websites which is Di Franco Hosting.

The prices he does for the domains. £6.24 a year for .com and then £4.97 on top gives you Whois Privacy. The site is powered GoDaddy's Reseller Hosting.

Considerably less then 123-Reg and also less than on GoDaddy site alone, and also less then 1&1.

Going to buy them all only for a year to start off as then I can see how reliable it works out to be before I take the plunge and buy for ten years or so.

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  Forum Editor 17:41 26 Jan 2014

"They all are ".com" which is exactly what I wanted because I'm targeting the whole wide world as an audience."

The whole world is potentially your audience regardless of the domain name suffix - it doesn't have to be a .com address.

The maximum period for which you can register a name is ten years, but most people renew every two years for convenience. Once you've registered a name you will have first call on its renewal anyway.

Unless you have a specific reason for registering several different names you might be far better advised to register the same number in different high levels - pick one, and register it as .com,, and any others that you think might be worth protecting. You don't want to build traffic on a .com name only to find that someone else is busy doing the same thing on the version of it.

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