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  gregsickle 17:57 25 Jul 2005

Hi, I run a small hosting site and would like my clients to be able to purchase the domains they have searched for straight away with out having to contact me first? Is there any shopping cart script that will allow me to do this?

  Forum Editor 18:46 25 Jul 2005

domain names from authorised domain registrars - for instance, all names must be purchased via a member of Nominet.

Sending your customers off somewhere else isn't a problem, but where - what is it that you're planning to do?

  gregsickle 21:45 26 Jul 2005

When you register a domain on, say one and one, you search for the domain name and then you have the oppertunity to add that domain to your cart. I need a script that can take the seach result e.g'' and add it to a shopping cart as '' with relevent pricing details.

Is this possible?

  Forum Editor 00:08 27 Jul 2005

First of all, you can't extract data directly from the 1&1 domain search page into your own site, and anyway, why would you want to do that? If you're a web host it's surely better to have your own domain search facility.

As I've already said, you can only register names if you're a proper registrar - you must be a member of Nominet to register names for instance, and the membership fee is pretty steep.

Adding a search facility and automating the name purchase isn't a massive problem, but you need to sort out where you're going to buy the names from before you can offer your visitors that service.

  gregsickle 19:34 27 Jul 2005

I am using a reseller program from heart internet that allows me to host unlimited domains.

  jgosden 21:14 29 Jul 2005

Yes but as Forum Editor explains you yourself need to be registered in order to register the domains, you could get people to register the domains and give them the name servers to point them to,

However the most common thing for a small host like that to do would be to register the domain on the customers behalf, it is possibly to do a domain availability check and then add it to a cart for you to register on there behalf, i suggest you have a good old google search..

  Forum Editor 00:06 30 Jul 2005

but all the domain names I register on behalf of my clients are in fact registered by HeartInternet - as yours will be.

  Taran 00:43 30 Jul 2005

Most people who offer hosting on a reseller basis will register a domain on behalf of a client, at the clients request.

I wrote my own whois script to check the top level domains, but I left out automated ordering and payment processing for a lot of very good reasons.

In the main, try to look at it like this. Established hosts have secure payment gateways in place, and their whois scripts will not only check the top level domains, they will also check the more exotic suffixes.

Since all of this is in place and ready to run, why knock yourself out to provide a solution that is already available to you ?

Most resellers concentrate on using their server resources for clients, and registering domain names for clients is usually arranged during a face-to-face meeting when running your requirements analysis for their online presence.

I doubt you'd have much actual use for a whois script with payment gateway when anyone can go to 1&1, Heart Internet, Areti or any of thousands of other hosting companies and do what needs to be done at low cost.

You'll find that getting authorisation to allow you to sell domain names is not worth the hassle factor as a reseller. If you want to set up as a web host with a data centre and whatnot, then I can see the need, but not as a reseller.

Take a look here click here for something that may help - I've never used it but I found it within seconds searching on for a simple solution for you.

  gregsickle 21:09 25 Aug 2005

Thanks, this is exactly what I have been looking for.

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