Domain name and search engine advice please.

  tazzie1971 14:22 04 May 2007

Using Frontpage I'm creating a very simple website for a family member for the first time. The site is more of an advertising board at the moment and I'm using his VirginMedia free webspace. I've been trying to check out how a domain name would work in terms of it redirecting people to the VirginMedia url we currently have. Am I right in thinking if we buy a domain name the facility to redirect to the VM url will be part of the deal? Are there any good/trusted domain name sellers anybody could recommend?
Finally, would search engines like Google etc pick up on the domain name if people used part of the domain name in searches or do you have to submit details to Google etc to be included in search results?
I realise these are basic questions but any help would be appreciated.

  tazzie1971 16:07 07 May 2007

Thanks for your response. I can't do a test search on the domain name as we haven't purchased it yet. Before we did buy a domain name I wanted to make sure I was understanding it right, i.e. what you get when you buy a domain name and is redirecting easy enough to do.
Going by your response to get better results from search engines we would be better paying someone to host the site and supply the domain name?
Due to it being a very simple 'here is what we do, contact this telephone number if you want a quote' kind of site we weren't looking to shell out much money at the moment.

  Forum Editor 18:46 07 May 2007

on hosting - there are some very reasonable packages available.

It will be a far better option to take this route - register your domain via your chosen host, then you won't have to faff about with redirects.

  Jacktate 10:14 08 May 2007

i have two computers one up stairs and one down stairs, the down stairs computer is working well.i am connected to redten portal down stairs
up stairs was goinging all right till i removed the speedtouch modem, i cannot connect to broadband it come up no connect and the modem is all green. but still wont connect to the internet

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