Domain name registration - who's watching?

  tiny teapot 14:31 21 Sep 2005

Not sure if this is the right place to bring this up, but it's an interesting topic. I work part-time at an FE college and I've just started a really interesting business project with a group of 4 16-17 year olds who have a concept for an online strategy-type game. They already have a name for the game, so I decided to look up the name availability and prices with the people who host my 2 domains ( I then looked up prices on another site 10 minutes later and found that 3 of the domain name possibilities (.com, .net and .org) had been registered in that time! Is there someone out there with some sort of spyware monitoring registrations and hoping to cash in?

  Forum Editor 20:05 21 Sep 2005

and it happens fairly often. Anyone who (like me) registers a lot of domain names has usually heard of this kind of thing, or had a similar experience themselves.

I have never seen any reliable evidence to substantiate the fact that some people monitor name searches, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if it happened - although I'm not suggesting for one moment it was done by the company you mention.

  tiny teapot 11:06 22 Sep 2005

I certainly didn't mean to imply that Freeola were responsible - I have had good experience with them as a company overall. I presumed that when you do a search on any hosting/registration site this is linked to an overall database somewhere (Nominet?) that was being monitored, probably in the States. I wish I could have registered something for these guys straight away, but I'm still chasing funding. They need MySQL support from a host. This is stuff I know nothing about, but I have access to people who do. We can do all the testing in-house, but at some point it has to go online for real.

  spuds 23:52 22 Sep 2005

As a point of interest, did you check on the company/people who had obtained the domain. I had similar experiences recently, and it appeared [in my case] that the domain were being registered via an address of a company in Finland and Norway. The domain was then being offered for sale.Due to the quickness of events,it made me rather suspicious as to what was actually happening, and this post as rekindled those thoughts.

  tiny teapot 12:08 26 Sep 2005

Thanks, spuds - I couldn't get at whoever had registered these domains. I clicked on details of registration but there was nothing I could access. How would I do this?

  spuds 23:03 26 Sep 2005

tiny teapot--You could run a check through click here

Here is a company that seems to have a good selection of unique domains click here

  tiny teapot 09:11 27 Sep 2005

I've learned a lot!

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