domain name registering help and webspace mess....

  athenrye 20:59 14 Mar 2008

my friend has his own local business
he had a femal partner in love who helped with the business

he paid and is paying the bills re the webspace etc

but she registered the domain name in her name, he cant find the nominet paperwork so assumes she has it also, it was done under who the webpspace is with that he pays monthly from his account

as she done the updates and had all the passwords she now has gone in and wiped all the content from the site which is now blank and has set new passwords so he cant get in.....

he wants to do a new site as the guy who made the last one is unavailable, which i assume isnt the big problem as new webspace can be got no problem

the main issue is the domain name is all accross the shop window and he wants to keep it obviously

whats the ins and outs of this domain name
can he take it to a new webspace provider, i assume not, can he contact and inform them he pays the bills get them to reset the webspace and passwords for him and then just use the domain name thats associated with it?

or can she gusump this as its in her name?

can you see the problems i can or am i over reacting to all of this as his friend trying to help

your thoughts and help please

  m800afc 22:50 14 Mar 2008

I think the first port of call is to to find out what documentation is required to get the domain transferred to your friend. Having found that out, if her permission is required, ask your friend to grovel and try to get her to transfer the domain. Bearing in mind the cost of signage, stationary and a new domain name, you friend may well be better off buying the domain off her. Not a comforting answer, but as she would seem to be at odds with your friend, perhaps a financial inducement may oil the wheels of the transfer. The last resort may be to threaten her with a legal beagle, pointing out it would cost her a great deal more than the domain is worth to defend her position

  MAJ 23:18 14 Mar 2008

Also check when the domain name has to be renewed click here usually it's every two years. If the time is nearly up and she doesn't think of renewing it, then he could do so, after that date, in his own name. I'm not sure how fasthost works, but normally renewal is automatic unless otherwise stated, so he'll have to get in touch with fasthost and ask them to remove his card details before that renewal date.

  athenrye 23:43 14 Mar 2008

thanks guys
i maybe should have stated that the current relationship is that of a boiling bunny in suacepan kind of thing... and im not overstating the situation!

as far as im aware she dosnt know that she is in a good position re the domain name, offering to buy it from her will only give her more ammo and set of some more nasty stuff from her, he has no chace of buying it from her

the domain had 18 or so months to run, so a long time to go

if she is a bit clueless on the fact she is the registar, as she isnt paying anything and he gets fast host to reset the site and passwords and he uploads a new website, whats the worst thing that she could do to the site as she is the domain name owner?

would she be able to remove the domain name to another server or just have it removed by the webhosting company?

if she keeps to herself as she has done now for a month or so and he has a new website up and running and she forgets what will happen in 18 months when the renewal comes up?
will the website webhost ask him to renew or will they contact her as onwer of the domain name?


  MAJ 00:00 15 Mar 2008

If the domain and hosting package are registered in her name, then there's nothing your mate can do, I'm afraid, Fasthost will deal with her only (as it should be). As she has all the passwords and therefore access to the host's control panel, she can do what she wishes (or knows how to do) with both the domain name and the hosting package. She can if she wishes move the domain name to a different hosting service provider, the costs of which will vary depending on the host, I'm not sure what Fasthost charge you to move a domain name to another host.

  athenrye 00:05 15 Mar 2008

hi maj
she only has the domain name in her name
the hosting package is in his name and the he pays for the package each month

i cant say for sure but id guess that would be willing to reset the site for him as he pays the bill through the company

if they dont he walks away and they lose the money as she wont pay...

so in that case the worst she can do is move the domain name at her cost? and then the site would be burst
as she wouldnt then have access to the website space account


  MAJ 00:22 15 Mar 2008

If he owns the hosting as you say, athenrye, then he should be able to get Fasthost to reset the password with a phonecall. She then wont be able to access the site, hence she wont be able to do anything with any other site he might upload to that webspace. As you say though, she can move the domain name to another host at her own expense. I suspect that the domain name is the important part for your mate though, webspace can be bought from any host at any time, getting the domain name back from her wont be so easy.

Just another thought. Has your mate tried the "forgotten login" option? click here He might be able to reset the password from there, if the hosting was registered using his email address.

  Forum Editor 00:25 15 Mar 2008

there's nothing your friend can do - she's the registrant, and she can control the use of the name. That means she can sell it or move it at will (as long as it's not within 60 days of renewal in the case of a name), and all renewal notices will be sent to her, at the email address she provided when the name was registered.

If the name is moved to a different host any existing website will cease to operate.

If your friend feels he has a right to the use of a name he could register an appeal under the Nominet dispute resolution procedure, and he could do so online. He should be aware that his complaint would have to prove that the name been used in a manner which took unfair advantage of or was unfairly detrimental to his rights, and that isn't always easy - it's not just a question of saying that he paid all the bills. A copy of his complaint would be sent to his ex-partner, and she would have an opportunity to refute his story.

These cases are often not easy to resolve via official channels, and I strongly recommend that your friend attempts to achieve an amicable solution.

  athenrye 00:30 15 Mar 2008

thanks guys
once again you have been great

pity he always picks bunny boilers!

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