Domain name expense?

  bananaz 14:36 25 Oct 2006

Hi, i have been thinking about setting up a web site. I have seen that many hosting companies offer good prices, but if say i purchased my own domain name for £10, would this be an amount that i would be charged per year? or per month? or would this be a one off payment?
If i owned my own domian name, could i then rent it out?
Could i even sell the domain name for a price that i choose?
As a beginner, i slightly lost at the moment.
Thanks in advance.

  Kate B 14:58 25 Oct 2006

Depends on the domain name. A .com is more expensive than, say, a I pay $70 to register my .com for two years with Domain Bank.

Hosting is a separate cost, though many hosting companies will keep on top of renewing your domain name for you.

  bananaz 08:30 26 Oct 2006

I have seen a few domain names which have been set up to look very much like other existing well known domain names & did think that was very wrong. Can people like that get sued for copyright etc?

  spuds 18:00 26 Oct 2006

Domain name costs can vary on what you want, and who provides the service. Normally things like .com will run for a one year period at an higher rate, whereas will run for a two year period at a lower cost before renewal.

Regarding buying and selling by domain's traders, this happens, similar procedure to car registration plate buying and selling. To overcome this, I would strongly advice not to even think about buying from a trader, but adapt a name, similar to what you want. As an example, there is nothing stopping you (within limits) from seeking something like freds-chippy (which as been taken by someone else) and perhaps try in making your own title freddies.chippy or something similar. Caution as to be taken, if and when you decide to perhaps try this. Microsoft have taken action against people who have made similar attempts at their name.

I use 1&1 click here for quite a number of domains,and by checking their site, you can see the individual costs of domain titles. Other companies may charge very similar, or even higher and perhaps lower rates. Always consider what you want,and how you want your domain, and try to read the terms and conditions before taking the plunge.

  bananaz 08:46 27 Oct 2006

Thats great, thanks very much for all your information. 10:14 27 Oct 2006

Is that just for the domain reg, or hosting included?

If it's the former, then it has to be the most expensive registration ever! It's normally around seven or eight pounds for a .com domain and two to three for a

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