Domain Name to Email. How?

  Legslip 09:45 18 Jun 2009

My pal has register a domain name and now wants to set up a few related email addresses and run it in Outlook Express. Can someone advise as to how to set this up please?

  Taff™ 09:58 18 Jun 2009

It depends who he has registered the domain with and whether it includes hosting as part of the package. Most companies will offer this at fairly low cost and you can then set up mailboxes. Wh did he register with and what package, if any has he signed up to?

  Legslip 10:18 18 Jun 2009

It is with Fasthosts and includes email but how do you set this up in Outlook Express?

  Jollyjohn 10:22 18 Jun 2009

pop.domainname = incoming
smtp.domainname = outgoing

username = the primary e-mail address, the bit before the @
and password as supplied by Fasthosts

  Legslip 10:27 18 Jun 2009

Jollyjohn. Greatly appreciated and many thanks.

  Legslip 21:19 18 Jun 2009

What a nightmare! Went to my pals to set email up and he had bloomin Vista on his PC and the only mail programme on it was Windows Mail and I hate that. So I downloaded Mozilla Thunderbird and spent an hour on the phone with Fastnete support poeple trying to get it working to no avail and I ran out of time. They told me to set it up as an IMAP? account. Going back tomorrow so can anyone advise how to set up Thunderbird step by step in order to get this b....y thing working.

  Terry Brown 21:26 18 Jun 2009

With Heart Internet, you access the heart control area, set up your Emails addresses and then tick the box and it does it all for you.

Do you have the same options.

p.s. Heart charges £6.00 for two years for 100 Email boxes and 100mb web space.

  Legslip 21:35 18 Jun 2009

Blimey Terry that sounds a good deal. My pal signed up for web and email hosting with Fasthosts and it's costing him a lot more than that.

  Taff™ 07:52 19 Jun 2009

You have to be careful with web hosting - it`s as big a minefield as buying a mobile phone contract! I am also with Heart which came highly recommended in the Webdesign forum. They are not the cheapest but not far from it and their technical support is second to none. Fasthosts, although I`ve never dealt with them personally, have really messed up one of my clients businesses by not making clear their terms and conditions for renewals. I could argue that it was his fault as well but basically his credit card expired during the year and they went to take the money which obviously failed. They then suspended his web space and e-mail accounts immediately and refused to allow him to cancel the contract without payment for a further 12 months. He had to pay up and immediately cancelled his contract at the end of the period. Guess what? They didn`t even try to contact him when the contract ended, or so he claims, and did the same again. He`s now using Heart through my reseller account.

  Legslip 09:13 19 Jun 2009

Thanks Taff. I think your comments should be very useful to readers. My pal had already signed to Fasthosts so my only input is to get his damned email working. I think he is receiving but not sending. I am going back later today to have a further look.
Fasthosts instructed to set the account to IMAP but as it is a single PC in his home office cannet it be set to POP3?

  Jollyjohn 09:50 19 Jun 2009

Setting up Thunderbird. Create new e-mail account. The incoming server details should be pop.domainname or it will be pop.fasthosts.?? not sure wether this will be .net or for fasthost
Outgoing will be above...
use the whole e-mail address as user name

when you then click get mail a box should pop up asking for the password on the account and it will pop up again when you send. If you select "use passsword manager" Thunderbird will remember the password.

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