Domain name angst!

  DrScott 10:28 20 Nov 2005

I'm in the process of designing a website hosted at btconnect (but I think as part of a business broadband thing). Now the webspace is home.'' and the domain name is '', but originally when the second domain name was typed in an error page would come up. I therefore redirected the desired domain name to the URL '', and now if you type in you get to the webpage, but the address bar still says etc etc.

Basically I want to be able to type in and that to remain as the URL. I could well be doing something wrong, and I'd be very grateful for some help. Trawling the internet, this forum, and BT connect help pages has me tearing, almost literally, my hair out. Thank you!!!

  Red Devil 10:54 20 Nov 2005

I take it you've set up your redirect as a URL Redirect?

If you have you - if memory serves from the last time I had to do this - simply need to do it as a URL Frame instead and your address SHOULD be displayed in the address bar.

  DrScott 11:51 20 Nov 2005

Thanks Red Devil but how do you do that? At the moment I have:

Record type: URL
Key: www

Other record types I seem to be able to have are CNAME, MX, A and that's about it.

I do have values for CNAME and keys www and ftp, both of which are (and they won't let me add the OFFICE-OF-ALL-SA to them). Does this mean anything to anyone?!

  Red Devil 12:04 20 Nov 2005

It depends on how the domain name admin panel works.

At Active Domain, you get to select from a drop down menu and all I did was change my redirect from a URL Redirect to a URL Frame while still maintaining the same - IIRC - name server information.

You might need to get onto your domain name admin's techie support to find out how you have to do it as, without knowing who you're with and how they allow you to administer your domain name, I wouldn't be able to tell you who how to do the specifics of what needs to be done but you definitely need to change your redirect to a URL Frame.

Hope I've helped in some way.

  Forum Editor 17:57 20 Nov 2005

I follow this correctly - where is the name currently being hosted?

  DrScott 18:24 20 Nov 2005

The domain name is currently hosted with, which is why it has utterly baffled me why I can't get it all to quite work.

Does that help at all?!

  Forum Editor 18:30 20 Nov 2005

Can you see the domain name in your management console?

  DrScott 19:21 20 Nov 2005

Yes I can. That's where the above:

Record type: URL
Key: www

comes from. That dats is from the management console for the domain name.

  DrScott 22:01 20 Nov 2005

Now there is every chance that I'm being a bit dim, but as far as I can work out, BT actually host the domain name ''. It's part of a BT business broadband thing! But for some reason, that address does not stay in the address bar even though it correctly directs to the webspace. This is why I'm confused!

  DrScott 21:44 21 Nov 2005

That seems to make some sense now. But it still seems rather strange for BT to 'sell' me a domain name and host it, and then not have it set up to act as the address bar for the website. What's the point in paying for the domain name to be hosted in that case?

Even more strangely I can upload files to the ftp for the site ('click here') but not access it directly through the www. Surely there's something amiss?!

  DrScott 18:46 22 Nov 2005

Thank you all very much for your help and wisdom. Turns out after a phone call to BT that there was a problem their end linking the domain name to the webspace, which after around 2 mins they've now fixed! Hurrah! In case you are interested, the website is click here and I'd be very grateful for any feedback, though bear in mind many sections are still undergoing construction. (think the history section is the only complete one so far!)

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