Domain and email addresses query

  onthelimit1 11:13 22 Mar 2014

Out of my comfort zone here! Was sorting some technical problems for a neighbour who has a domain setup through His email address for that is in the form [email protected]

His question is, can he have an additional name before the @ sign to indicate it has been sent by a different person (his secretary)?

Any advice would be welcome.

  spuds 11:20 22 Mar 2014

I would suggest that he takes this up with Easily.

My domains provider allows additional email addresses at no extra cost to the package deal, and this answers the/your question in my case.

  onthelimit1 11:39 22 Mar 2014

Thanks spuds. If it is normal to be able to do this, I'll get him to give them a call.

  Woolwell 15:52 22 Mar 2014

I've just looked at the easily site and it isn't obvious how many email addresses there are or how to add them. Most hosts allow this though.

  wiz-king 17:01 22 Mar 2014

I get a several as standard with Namesco, the first is a general mailbox that can be forwarded to anywhere the next two or three can be named addresses eg. [email protected] and can be forwarded to different addresses. I can get more by paying extra.

  onthelimit1 18:02 22 Mar 2014

Thanks guys. Yes, I did look at their website, but not the most user friendly I've come across!

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