Doing a Back up

  swanny2 15:20 28 Nov 2006

Hi there i want too do a Back up of all the stuff i have on my Pc.Problem is,i dont know how.My friend did his thru nero,i have that Nero 7..but he said his was 37g big an he would need 10 dvd.s too make the back up i have a lot more on my i peobably wil need more discs,his nero seems different too mine.Any advice please..ive got windows media centre xp pro

  Wak 15:48 28 Nov 2006

Hi, Considering the number of times you are going to have to do a back-up, it could eventually cost quite a lot in CD or DVD discs unless, of course, you use re-writeables.
If things ever go belly up and you have to re-install everything then this can be a long, laborious task.
You might like to consider buying another hard drive and then cloning all the contents of your main drive to it as often as you feel a back-up is necessary.
The advantage of this method is that cloning covers the operating system, the registry, the programs and all data files, etc, and, when things do go belly up then it's a simple matter to clone the contents of the back-up drive back on to the main drive. Much quicker and easier than all those CD discs!!!
I have been using this method for the last four years now with no problems.
You can read about it and download a suitable cloning program here. click here
Hope this helps.

  anskyber 15:51 28 Nov 2006

For me the quickest and easiest is to get an external HDD, it does not need to be a massive one and the prices are coming down.

There are a number of software applications out there which will do the job. I happen to use Acronis True Image and its simple, it even does the Operating System and keeps all your settings, personal information. Treat it as an insurance policy.

  stylehurst 17:05 28 Nov 2006

I would also go for an external hard drive and Acronis true image.

  swanny2 22:40 28 Nov 2006

ok cheers all for the advice..:O)

  terryf 22:49 28 Nov 2006

If you fit a second hard drive and keep all your data on that then use True Image to backup your OS and programs from C to the D drive. Get an external usb drive and use that to back up all your important data. True Image 10 will allow you to back up individual folders

  Enoch 05:35 29 Nov 2006

The advice you are getting from anskyber is invaluable. I have an external HD and I use Acronis and Ghost alternately. The external saved my life last year when my internal harddrive crashed and had to be replaced. After replacement, it was a simple job to restore from external to internal and carry on as before.

  Enoch 05:36 29 Nov 2006

And the advice from the other guys------sorry guys, I answered before I saw that you also had answered

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