doesn't even make it past the P.O.S.T.

  g40 19:22 21 Apr 2004

I have an old pentium iii with;
20G HD, 64Mb SDRam, running ME. I it used to start after 6 mins or so then not at all, now it doesnt get past the post beep (which seems to go on a little more than usual) then beeps again .....and again, and nothing, any ideas gratefully accepted, can it be saved?

  Rayuk 19:41 21 Apr 2004

Have a look see what bios you have ie Award or Ami then look up their bios beep codes,may give you the answer.

  Graham ® 19:43 21 Apr 2004

How many beeps? For a guide, click here

  g40 20:01 21 Apr 2004

Thanks for the help, the beeps got to about 5 wgen i panicked and switched it off, will try again tomorrow and try to see what kind of bios as i have no mauuals for the maching, thanks again,

  g40 20:03 21 Apr 2004

my apologies for the ridiculous spelling, its been a hard day.

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