Does your SECURITY ever warn you of THREATS

  mooly 18:11 22 Nov 2010

After a few threads on security and Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) I wondered in all the web browsing that goes on whether any of you could answer the following.

1. What security do you use ?

2. Does it ever warn of an infection as you click on anything or visit an unsafe site ?

3. If it does warn, is it saying "don't click or do this" or has the infection/problem already got on the PC, for example in the temporary files, and it's offering to clean/quarantine the problem ?

5. Many of you run Malwarebytes and Superantispyware etc. Do they ever find anything your main security package has missed ?


  rawprawn 18:42 22 Nov 2010

1. Kaspersky Security Suite 2011
3. It either tells you it has blocked a virus or malware, and disabled it. Or it will not download the site unless you override it.
4. I run SAS Pro, and it occasionally finds mostly harmless tracking cookies

  rawprawn 18:43 22 Nov 2010

Should add I get it free from Barclays Online Banking.Excellent!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:45 22 Nov 2010


Warns if I connect to a site where a virus is detected and aborts the connection.

I check with Malwarebytes and SuperAntispyware as backups and have not found anything in years now.

  cocteau48 19:01 22 Nov 2010

Combination of Avast/Comodo on XP desktop and MSE/Zonealarm on Vista laptop.
MBAM and SAS on both machines.

In the couple of months that I have been running these setups I have had one warning from Avast when it did not like a program I wished to download. In hindsight I should have tried the same download on the other machine to see is MSE reacted the same way.

The only program which I have used and which regularly threw up problems was ASquared - which invariably turned out to be false positives.

  Woolwell 19:06 22 Nov 2010

Exactly the same as rawprawn except I run Malwarebytes and free SAS.

  mooly 19:38 22 Nov 2010

thanks folks... interesting as always. So you seem to find your protection actually stops you or warns you the site is unsafe before you click on anything. Can't recall MSE doing that for me. My problems have always been that the PC has been infected (as the location is reported eg temp files), then I have been warned to clean/quarantine. When I used FSecure that behaved just as MSE on the couple of occasions it alerted me.

cocteau48... hindsight is a wonderful thing... I found when a problem happens you have to try and stop yourself navigating away too quickly. If the damage has been done you may as well learn from it and even go as far as copying the address to perhaps revisit it, and maybe report it (IE8 smartscreen filter).

I occasionally install malwarebytes or superantispyware (use Acronis and when finished go back to pre install) and they never find anything bar the odd tracking cookie that would go anyway with a cleanup.

  cocteau48 20:00 22 Nov 2010


I did once get one of the fake antivirus infections which completely froze me out of the machine - absolutely nothing,other than the fake icon, would open or run,including Acronis. (fortunately I could still boot off the Acronis disk which got me out of it)

but........... I was running a full house BUllguard Security Suite at the time which did nothing to stop it.

So paid for suites are not necessarily all they are cracked up to be.

  mooly 09:13 23 Nov 2010

Acronis really is a life saver... although I've never been in a position (yet) where I had to use the bootable disc due a virus etc.

If any security pakage included image backup as part of the application... that might be winning combination if it was easy to use and well thought out.

We none of us know what the next threat may be and how it will effect our PC's and I guess the message is that no one package can be 100% effective all the time. You have to be vigilent and have some effective recovery procedure.

  rdave13 09:31 23 Nov 2010

Avast has stopped malicious scripts from installing quite a few times. Stops the connection. Often some of these are on a Google list.
Use win 7 firewall control, Avast and SAS.
WOT and McAfee site advisors are also helpful.

  birdface 09:37 23 Nov 2010

I recently started using Norton Dns and that has popped up occasionally blocking certain web pages.
I only started using it as it was supposed to speed up your Internet browsing and I was having problems with I/E at the time.
Emisoft will also block you from bad sites and warns you of different problems which you have to allow or deny entry.AVG used to be the same.
Having already been infected by drive by Rogue programs I now have enough security for it to be unlikely to happen again.
It looks like there are two ways of staying safe when Browsing, My way and your way, And I must admit your way would work out the cheapest and probably the best.
But as I am no expert I will leave that for others to decide for themselves.
Was it your own idea to do it that way or did you read about it elsewhere.

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