Does XP improve battery life?

  sn11 14:29 13 Jun 2009

So I've been told I can't retur the laptop I bought as I removed the film covering it and threw it out (stupid me)

But I have been told however that if I went onto XP I should see a dramatic improvement in battery life as vista ultimate is the main issue.

Am I right to believe in fact its not vista but more the processor/ram etc being good hence needing more battery to run them effectively?

I unplugged the laptop last night and got a measly 2 hours usage before it shut down. When I'm not logged on the net I can use it for nearly 3 hours.

So could XP really help me gain more time? by that I mean significant time not 10 mins or so.


  canarieslover 14:52 13 Jun 2009

You may get a bit more battery life but **BEWARE** if its a new laptop you may have great difficulty getting the correct drivers for XP. **DO NOT** reformat the hard drive until you are absolutely certain that you have all of them downloaded and burnt to CD ready to get your XP installation running smoothly. Without them you may end up with an unstable system or worse still one that won't even boot. Post make and model of laptop on forum for more advice. The other thing to be aware of is that you will probably not get any support from manufacturer or dealer if you have problems after changeing O/S.

  sn11 15:23 13 Jun 2009

The laptop is an Asus Lamborghini VX2S

All drivers etc can be found on the Asus website for XP so thats not a problem.

When I click battery information it says "Battery 1" an then "Battery 2 - not connected"

Now I can't see where the second one would go... So if anyone has this laptop and can tell me i'd appreciate it too :D

  oldbeefer2 15:38 13 Jun 2009

Have you set Power Options to 'battery saver'?

  sn11 15:39 13 Jun 2009

Yep any other setting and I'm lucky to get an hour out of it.

  canarieslover 15:39 13 Jun 2009

The spec indicates that it is a 'hotswap' battery in position 2 so I would think that it goes in place of the DVD and would be an extra that you could buy from Asus. I take it that you do not have the manual for the computer. Is there a pdf file on the computer with all the information on it, perhaps in the 'recovery' section?

  sn11 15:48 13 Jun 2009

I have the manual but when I looked through it couldnt find anything about a hotswap battery nor secondary battery.

I also looked on the asus website and couldn't see anything in regard to hotswap batteries.

  canarieslover 15:59 13 Jun 2009

Her is the spec I found that mentions not just a hotswap battery, but also a hotswap 2nd hard drive. Probably use the same docking bay. Is it on the docking station that is mentioned in the spec?

  canarieslover 16:02 13 Jun 2009

Oops. I forgot the 'click here' - click here

  sn11 16:09 13 Jun 2009

In the manual it doesn't say anything, only about the "power station" which I found odd.

The manuals very vague and it would seem is used for more than that specific laptop as it says a lot of "if your" and "you may" instead of being specific.

I've found what I need click here

But when I click it, the site it links to simply doesn't find it!

  sn11 16:11 13 Jun 2009

Oh wait wait, would this be it: click here ?

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