Does a surge protector protect against lightning?

  STEVE71163 15:31 20 May 2003

Can anyone out their tell me if a surge protector will protect against lightning? Also is broadband affected the same as dial up?

the short answers are yes if its a good surge protector ie. belkin surge master. and yes your adsl modem will get fried the same as a dialup modem.

  MartinT-B 15:37 20 May 2003

I should do BUT...

Make sure that everything connected to the PC goes through a surge protector. EVERYTHING.

That is your printer, modem, scanner, Palm etc. not just your tower.

My friend's PC was fried via the modem - lightning up the telephone line. It could easily have been through his wiring, into his printer and via the printer cable into his PC.

A good modern surge protector should also have an ethernet socket as well as plugs, telephone and television aerial sockets.

  Xevious 15:38 20 May 2003

belkin surge protectors also offer guarantee on any equipment that does get fried thru it (in the event of) that's how sure they are that it works... (in the region of up to about £60,000!)

they are very good products, though i haven't tested it with a lightning bolt as yet!!!!

  pepe 15:39 20 May 2003

Man made surge protectors..God made lightning........Guess who wins.

  STEVE71163 15:39 20 May 2003

Thanks for replying. Its just that i use my pc all day for work and yesterday we had bad thunder and i carried on working and all was ok but a friend said today that i should have turned off. But if all the businesses had to turn off a lot of money would be lost!

  Xevious 15:39 20 May 2003

i meant to add that some do have telephone sockets built in, my belkin has 1 port input, 2 ports output, which saves on a splitter too...

  MartinT-B 15:44 20 May 2003

I have two full time surge protectors (both Belkin)in the office covering everything - telephone system, fax, PC and all peripherals, Postage machine, TV, Video, DVD, Amp etc.

We have replaced both twice in 2½ years due to domestic supply surges. All equipment is fine.

  woodchip 15:51 20 May 2003

Who can Quantify what lightning will do. pepe Got it Right first time

  MartinT-B 15:56 20 May 2003

Not to be philosphical, but if God made lightning (which is debatable - he created the circumstances that make lightning possible, but doesn't actually cast every bolt!), who made (Wo)Man think, and why?

  Mango Grummit 17:21 20 May 2003

I guess it all depends on the severity of the strike.

I use a Belkin surge protector but several years ago, before there were such things as home computers, my house got struck by lightning. It was such a savage bolt that the house had much structural damage and was left without any trace of any wiring at all. Not a wire to be found in the place. I doubt very much if a surge protector would have been much use that day.

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