Does this sound like a power supply blowing up

  erkmatrix 23:05 01 Dec 2010

Hi I've just turned on my computer tonight and it lit up like usual then just powered off and short circuited the sockets in the house, went to flick the switch back and all the sockets were ok but my computer won't turn back on at all. I'm writing this on an old machine. I've only had the PC since March and everything has been fine until now. Does this sound like a dodgy power supply

  RobCharles1981 23:08 01 Dec 2010

I had this very problem, it turned out the fuse in the powerplug from the Power Supply went changed Fuse and all was fine!

  Graham. 23:15 01 Dec 2010

Check the fuse rating. Appliances are often sold with a 13A fuse in the plug because that's how the plugs are supplied to manufacturers. 3A fuse should be sufficient for a PC, 5A at most. See the rating plate on the PC.

  erkmatrix 23:15 01 Dec 2010

Yeah I thought it might be that so I tried the plug from my old machine but it still wouldn't turn on unfortunately. Nothing smelt like burning or anything like that and no bang or anything it just powered off and then the electricity went off.

  erkmatrix 23:23 01 Dec 2010

Just checked the plug and its a 13A fuse in it like you said, I can't see anything wrote on the corsair tx650 power supply though about the rating, or is this plate inside my machine.

  Graham. 23:40 01 Dec 2010

According to this click here it draws 650 Watts. Sounds a lot of power to me, but 5A fuse should suffice.

Back to the seller, I would think.

  erkmatrix 23:49 01 Dec 2010

Yeah I'll contact Chillblast tomorrow, DO you think I'll have to send the whole machine back or just the power suply, could it be something else like my CPU blown, or would it still turn on somehow if this happened.

  mooly 07:23 02 Dec 2010

It does sound most like a PSU issue. To trip a circuit breaker requires a significant overload.
As to whether there is a problem within the PC itself, (excluding PSU), is impossible to say. PSU's fail, and that failure can sometimes damage other components connected to the PSU. Impossible to say without seeing it and performing basic tests.
Will you have to send it all back ? I would see if you can get a PSU first as it's favourite.

  citadel 09:50 02 Dec 2010

i had a corsair psu 650w that went west it had auto protection so it dident damage the pc, too much hassle to send it back to netherlands. thats where you have to send them under warrenty. got an enermax instead.

  Diemmess 10:09 02 Dec 2010

I agree that the PSU was the beginning of the problem and with luck is the only component which has failed.
If Chillblast are really helpful they might just send a replacement PSU. Perhaps not very likely but worth asking.

Then of course if you are of a pioneering spirit, you could forgo the chance of warranty repair and simply buy and fit a replacement for yourself.

The only snag would be more extensive damage than you hoped, with a motherboard and even the HD ruined.
Its a gamble with the odds heavily in favour of a blown PSU - only.

  woodchip 10:33 02 Dec 2010

Problem with PSU blowing is it can take a multitude of things with it including Motherboard CPU Hard Drive or just about anything inside the box

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